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Where To Get & Use Writs In Palia

To build your dream home in Palia, you may need space to accommodate more rooms which can be done by expanding your plot using Writs.
Where To Get & Use Writs In Palia

The Housing system plays a significant part in Palia by allowing players to build and decorate their dream homes for their characters. While they start camping from a tent, further in your gameplay, you can build your first home with the option of expanding it.

This can be achieved by obtaining a type of documentation called Writs which can be used to help you acquire more housing plots. This guide explains how to get and use Writs in Palia to help you build your ultimate dream home.

How To Find Writs In Palia?

Writs are a type of document that allows players to expand their housing plot and allow them to add additions to their homes. Doing so can make your house and the plot bigger to accompany a larger garden, workshop space with crafting equipment, or more extensive entertainment space.

palia resources guide writs how to get how to find city hall cash register kenyatta
You can buy Writs using Renown at the cash register at City Hall. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

How to obtain Writs in-game can only be achieved through this method, as you’ll first encounter it during the Strong Foundations quest when speaking to Kenyatta at City Hall. Here, she’ll inform you on how to acquire Crafting Licence, purchase home add-ons, and most importantly, Writs, which are bought from the cash register at City Hall.

After completing this quest, you can return to City Hall and interact with the cash register to acquire more Crafting Licenses, home additions, and Writs, which the latter can be bought using Renown. The first time purchasing a Writ will cost you 20 Renown, but it will increase by five for every three to four Writs purchased.

This means that your fourth and fifth time buying a Writ will cost you 25 Renown, as your first three Writs will cost 20 Renown. The cost of Writs is capped at 100 Renown if you wish to continue expanding your housing plot, which can be expanded up to 39 times in-game.

How To Use Writs in Palia?

palia resources guide writs how to use housing system expansion plots unlock
Players can use Writs within the Housing system to buy expansion plots to expand their homes. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Using Writs in Palia is relatively straightforward, as once acquiring them, you are to return to your housing plot. At your housing plot, hit the H key to access the Housing system, and within the UI, you can view how many Writs you have on hand, which can also be found within your Inventory.

In the Housing system, you can select any plot with a padlock icon indicating that it can be unlocked using a Writ. After choosing the desired plot, a pop-up window will appear on-screen, requesting to confirm unlocking the expansion using Writs, which, on confirmation, you have acquired a new housing plot.

Remember that while you can acquire all the available housing plots, you have a building limit to adhere to. If you’ve exceeded the building limit but wish to add more to your house, you may have to adjust your home to comply with the building limits for your plot.