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Over 200k tune in to watch Aguero, Neymar, and Courtois murder each other in Among Us

The football stars have found success doubling down as Twitch streamers on the side and they joined forces for one of the most-watched sessions in Among Us history.
Over 200k tune in to watch Aguero, Neymar, and Courtois murder each other in Among Us

Streamer collaborations are a popular way to ceate hype and help content creators promote each other, ultimately benefitting everyone involved in one.

This time, though, a group of football stars that have taken up Twitch as more than a side hobby, becoming full-fledged streamers on top of competing at the highest level in Europe, joined forces for a unique Among Us session, the social deduction game that continues to rack up viewers on the platform.

The players in question? Man City's Sergio Aguero, PSG's Neymar, and Real Madrid's Thibaut Courtois. 

kun, neymar play among us
(Photo: Courtois, Aguero, Neymar)

Brought together by Ibai Llanos, one of the most-watched streamers on the platgorm, the Among Us playthrough lasted only a couple of hours, but gave us some incredible moments of banter between all of them, particularly between Aguero and Neymar.

In one of their first interactions while playing, Neymar jumped into the Discord voice chat and greeted Kun with a classic Argentinian slang. "Hey Kun, hijo de p*uta. Boludo!" He said, something that can be equated to the Brazilian welcoming the Argentinian by calling him a "motherf*cker."

On top of being an ace CSGO player (and of course a world-renowned talent on the pitch), Neymar Jr. showed that his impostor skills are just as good if not better, completely tilting the entire lobby by securing an almost impossible win in his last game during the stream.

If you want to catch all the action, you can watch Ibai's full VOD which is embbeded down below.

When these three might be streaming again is anyone's guess, all three of them are reaching the mid-way points of a hectic coronavirus affected football season with matches coming thick and fast due to the late start each of their seasons had. 

Matches have been made to be played behind closed doors in front of virtually noone compared to the tens of thousands of football fans they would expect on a normal match day.

Streaming on Twitch may not just be a way to chill out in these times but allow them to do what they do best style on people as thousands of adoring fans watch on.

And if that is the case it may not be long until we see Neymar, Aguero, and Courtois once again.