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Adriana Chechik Forced To Abort Pregnancy After TwitchCon Incident

Adriana Chechik discovered she was pregnant after breaking her back at TwitchCon 2022 but had to abort to undergo surgery.
Adriana Chechik Forced To Abort Pregnancy After TwitchCon Incident

Early in October 2022, Twitch streamer and former adult actress Adriana Chechik endured a horrific injury when she broke her back in two places after jumping into a foam pit at TwitchCon 2022: San Diego. Accordingly, the Intel and Lenovo-branded promotional activity attracted immense criticism over its alleged safety issues, with several other eventgoers reportedly succumbing to similar injuries.

More recently, Adriana Chechik returned to Twitch, providing her fans with an update on everything that had transpired. In her stream, Adriana explained that she discovered she was pregnant after going to the hospital and meeting with doctors. However, sadly, Adriana Chechik had to terminate the pregnancy due to the surgery she required.

Adriana Chechik Was Pregnant When She Broke Her Back

adriana chechik pregant twitchcon back broken
Adriana Chechik recently returned to Twitch after undergoing surgery for breaking her back at TwitchCon 2022.

On 30 October 2022, Adriana Chechik went live on Twitch and explained the struggles she's had to endure after breaking her back at TwitchCon 2022. While the ex-adult star revealed that she's still adapting and recovering from her surgery, she said that she has found it easy to lose her breath, even while performing simple tasks like holding her phone.

"I have four shattered vertebrae and two breaks [...] I get anxious because I can't take full breaths, and then it starts to hurt, and I start freaking out [...], and the pain gets worse and worse," she said. Adriana then continued to reveal that she found out that she was pregnant after being rushed to the hospital.

"I don't care if everyone's going to know, but I was pregnant. I didn't find out until I was in the hospital." Adriana Chechik clarified that she is "not pregnant anymore" and had to terminate the pregnancy because of the back surgery she needed to undergo. "My hormones are through the f*cking roof because of that," she added.

Adriana said that she spent four days in the trauma unit at the hospital before undergoing surgery. However, the streamer commended the doctors for doing an "amazing job" and doing their best to hide the stitches and her scars. Adriana explained that she has a 10-inch rod in her back and is en route to a full recovery but still needs around-the-clock care and assistance.

We are otherwise deeply saddened to hear that Adriana Chechik lost her baby due to the tragic incident at TwitchCon 2022. We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences for her loss.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch / Adriana Chechik.