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Amouranth Slams Critics Claiming Her Twitch Streams Haven't Changed

Amouranth shot down claims that her Twitch content hasn't changed following her split from her abusive husband.
Amouranth Slams Critics Claiming Her Twitch Streams Haven't Changed

On 16 October 2022, Twitch superstar Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa broke down after revealing that she was in an abusive marriage. In particular, the internet star alleged that her husband had been controlling her accounts, gaslighting and manipulating her multiple times. Amouranth also claimed that the hot tub streams, which helped propel her to Twitch stardom, was an idea forced onto her.

After revealing that she'd split up from her abusive husband, Amouranth said she would seek "legal and emotional counsel" to regain control of her finances. She then went on a brief hiatus from the Amazon-owned streaming platform. However, following her return, Amouranth has been heavily criticized by viewers and creators, namely YouTube streamer Destiny, regarding her supposedly unchanged content on Twitch.

amouranth on twitch content hasnt changed
Amouranth slammed critics claiming that her Twitch content hasn't changed after splitting up from her abusive husband.

On 27 November, Amouranth hit back at the criticism, writing, "Wierd L take that my content hasn't changed." The streamer went on, explaining that "90 days ago [she] was doing 50%+ more hot tub [streams but] now it's like sub 10%?" Amouranth also attached a pie chart illustrating the proportion of time streamed in different categories since her return. "I played more Overwatch than I did hot tub. That's never happened," Amouranth said vehemently.

In a comment, one Twitter user further claimed that Amouranth's "rebrand worked out," to which she replied by saying that it was "not about [a] rebrand." The Twitch star added, "I literally don't care. I get to do what I want, and I still make [seven figures] a month. Life is better."

More recently, Destiny issued a sarcastic apology during a YouTube stream. The creator said, "I am very sorry. Apparently, [Amouranth] has significantly changed her content. I was saying that it seemed like she was doing a whole bunch of the same sh*t she was before. I was not aware that she has actually made a hardcore transition into non-hot tub stuff."

While browsing through clips of Amouranth in hot tubs or dressed in a bikini, Destiny added, "I don't see as much hot tub stuff here. There is a lot of Just Chatting going on. So I was incorrect when I said that the nature of her content hadn't changed." In case it wasn't clear, Destiny was insinuating that Amouranth was miscategorizing hot tub streams as Just Chatting. Amouranth has yet to respond to Destiny's 'apology.'

Mobile users: The related segment starts around the 49:00 timestamp.

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