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Amouranth stalker drama "not a real threat" according to Houston police

Amouranth's recent drama with her Estonian stalker highlights how far behind the law is regarding cyber stalking.
Amouranth stalker drama "not a real threat" according to Houston police
Earlier this month, Twitch superstar Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa revealed a shocking story involving an Estonian man who attempted to break into her house after stalking her for more than 40 days. More disturbingly, the man sold his life's belongings and fled his country to pursue the ASMR star while livestreaming all of his affairs.

In a 15th June Twitter thread, Amouranth noted that she had been closely watching the man's activities and alerted Houston authorities about his intentions. However, it was only when the man attempted to break into her property that the police intervened.

The Twitch star subsequently expressed her disappointment in dealing with her local law enforcement on Twitter, citing their "apparent lack of motivation" to intercept.

Amouranth shares update on Estonian stalker drama

amouranth stalker drama escalated to Houston major office
Amouranth says her stalker situation was escalated to the Houston mayor's office. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

In a 24th June 2022 update on Twitter, Amouranth revealed that she recently received a call "at the behest of [the] mayor," presumably following significant uproar and social media attention resulting from her stalking incident.

While Amouranth noted having to "hold back on commenting for now," she expressed her gratitude for having the cyberstalking incident escalated to "up the chain to [the] right place." The Twitch star expanded on her comment, saying, "Shining a spotlight on it is the best we can do, not for me but for all influencers and even non-influencers."

In the Tweet, Amouranth drew attention to local Houston police not taking cyberstalking cases seriously, noting that a rude detective from [her] jurisdiction told her that cyberstalking "is not a real threat."

Amouranth noted her disappointment regarding how the Houston PD responded to her distress call. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

Fortunately, it seems that is not the case, as the situation being noticed by the Houston mayor's office implies recognition of cyberstalking being a credible threat. Replying to Amouranth's update, Twitch star Kaceytron noted that the law needs to "catch up with the age of the internet and cyber stalking."

"It's so exhausting dealing with this, and people don't realize how hard it actually is to get a restraining order because cyberstalking and threats often aren't regarded as 'real harassment'"

Many of Amouranths followers seem to agree, with all signs appearing to (at the very least) be moving in the right direction. While we are glad Amouranth avoided any immediate danger, we hope her stalker dilemma is a catalyst for what is long-overdue judicial change.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amouranth.