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Andrew Tate Says He Knows Earth Is Round Because He's Been To Space

Andrew Tate clashed heads with Twitch political pundit Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker about whether the Earth was flat or not.
Andrew Tate Says He Knows Earth Is Round Because He's Been To Space

Is the Earth flat, or is it round? While a divisive debate spanning centuries, it's also been the cover question for sarcasm and petty remarks in a recent live stream between controversial ex-kickboxing champion and internet icon Andrew Tate and Twitch political pundit Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker.

On 20th July 2022, amid a debate on a range of intriguing topics, HasanAbi asked Tate whether he believed the Earth was flat. Tate responded by saying he’s been to space, so he knows it’s round since he’s looked down on the planet. This latest topic follows a string of controversial takes and remarks by Andrew Tate against protected groups (race, sex, religion).

HasanAbi Laughs At Andrew Tate Over Sarcastic Remarks

andrew tate hasanabi debate twitch livestream is the earth flat
Andrew Tate confirmed the Earth is round since he's seen it from space. (Picture: HasanAbi via Twitter / Andrew Tate via Instagram)

Naturally, the live stream was quite heated throughout its entirety, given Tate's objectionable views. As a result, Andrew and HasanAbi were at each other's necks during most of the debates. However, one of the more fascinating takes was Andrew’s perspective on the Earth being flat or not.

After a series of rallied arguments and passing an hour and a half of streaming, HasanAbi asked Andrew if he thought the Earth was flat, round, spherical, or globe. Supposedly a sarcastic or taunt of a question, Andrew responded by saying he had “personal experience” to him the planet was round.

Andrew Tate say he has been to space.
Andrew Tate's said he's been to space. (Picture: Twitch / HasanAbi)

In disbelief, HasanAbi asked Andrew jokingly, "Oh? You have personal experience. What happened? Did you go up to the f*cking moon? Is that how you figured it out?"

Already somewhat infuriated, Andrew responded sarcastically, stating he’s been to space and seen Earth from above. HasanAbi laughed immediately and replied, “That's crazy! You don't have to concede on that point, but you and I think we both understand the importance of scientific, empirical evidence in that one, right or you know, science."

Afterward, the conversation about Earth and its dimensions died down a little. Most of the debates between Andrew and HasanAbi were argumentative rallies of nonsense, where HasanAbi would ask one question, and Andrew wouldn’t answer concisely. But it's official, Andrew Tate can confirm Earth's round since he's been to space.

Their argument follows the dumpster fire of a discussion between xQc and Andrew, where the former kickboxer stated women are terrible drivers. Feel free to read more about Andrew’s misogynistic take on women.

Otherwise, you can watch the full debate between HasanAbi and Andrew below.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / HasanAbi.