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Arcadum enrages Twitch community upon his return, acts like nothing ever happened

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) streamer, Jeremy "Arcadum" Black" has returned to Twitch after a nearly 2-month hiatus, resultant from multiple accusations of grooming and manipulation being levelled against him.
Jeremy "Arcadum" Black has returned to Twitch after a nearly 2-month hiatus, a self-imposed break he took after multiple accusations of grooming and manipulation were levelled against him by several members of the D&D community, including Momo, Folkana, Uziri Mia and RediculousStreams.

Naturally, members of the broader Twitch and D&D community rejected his return and were particularly outraged when he seemingly continued on as though nothing ever happened.

DND Twitch streamer Arcadum returns to Twitch after claims of grooming

During Arcadum's 13th October Twitch stream, he outlined what he was going through and what his plan moving forward would be. Arcadum noted that his decision to return to Twitch was largely inspired by the influx of supporting messages that he received directly from some of his fans.

D&D Twitch streamer, Arcadum, returns to Twitch after allegations of grooming and manipulation. (Picture: Twitch / Arcadum)
D&D Twitch streamer, Arcadum, returns to Twitch after allegations of grooming and manipulation. (Picture: Twitch / Arcadum)

He indicated that he would not be restarting the D&D streams and stated that he needed "a lot more time" before he could continue with that. Arcadum also noted that he would not be involved with CallousRow Roleplay anymore either.

"I've been going through a lot of changes and a lot of work on myself and that's not going to stop anytime soon. But I think I'm ready to give this another shot and do my best," he said.

Throughout this time, Arcadum's chat was set to "emote only" mode, which was bombarded with "nay" emotes, arguably in protest with what Arcadum was saying.

"As you may see, the chat is in 'emote only' and will probably be in 'emote only' mode for quite some time... for obvious reasons," he said. One Twitch user, however, somehow managed to get their message through, which read: "F*** off you f***ing rapist. No one wants you on this platform."

twitch chat arcadum

Naturally, many members of the Twitch community were outraged and vented on Reddit as well. A Reddit user said, "I don't know how you can be his age, say this unironically, have everyone hear you say this, and then continue living your life. I'd legit fake my death, move to a new location, get a new name, etc."

Arcadum also published a PasteBin, in which he briefly addressed his hiatus, which seemingly lacked any inkling of remorse over what he allegedly did.

This sentiment was reciprocated by a Reddit user, who said: "[He] didn't cry or anything. Gonna have to give it an F because it didn't even try to manipulate me or anything." Another Redditor also noted this, saying that Arcadum's Pastebin lacked "any sort of acknowledgement or apology." 

One Reddit user summed up Arcadum's return perfectly, saying: "I’ve never seen people be able to show hatred like that through 'emote only'. Combined with his awkward talking, it hits that sweet spot Michael Scott level of cringe. The lack of shame is off the charts."


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Arcadum.