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Asmongold defends himself against Blizzard employees "enabling" of toxic behaviour

Twitch icon and World of Warcraft celebrity, Asmongold, says that Blizzard employees are enabling toxic behaviour when they give a "stamp of approval" on comments that vilify him, calls it "absolutely disgusting".
Asmongold defends himself against Blizzard employees "enabling" of toxic behaviour

Blizzard has been at the centre of controversy after allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace surfaced and many have taken aim at the company and its employees.

Twitch icon and World of Warcraft celebrity, Asmongold, has been outspoken regarding these matters but recently came under fire for defending his stance on a previous comment he made, when he called the WoW community "trash", a comment that many interpreted as hypocritical on his part.

Asmongold says Blizzard employees enable toxic behaviour

On the 10th of August, Asmongold vented his frustration during a Twitch stream over Blizzard employees giving their "stamp of approval" about negative comments circulating online about him and took tremendous issue with being blamed for being part of the toxic WoW community problem.

asmongold blizzard trash wow community toxic behaviour
Asmongold says Blizzard employees enable toxic behaviour. (Picture: Twitch / Asmongold)

This came after he called the WoW community "trash" during a previous broadcast, which spurred several articles to be written about him that was (according to him) taken out of context.

Asmongold also provided context regarding a follow-up tweet made in response to the circulating comments. In the tweet, he said: "The idea that I should allow myself to be attacked is driven by narcissism and entitlement. I don't punch down, I don't punch up, I punch back".

In his stream, Asmongold condemned Blizzard employees' toxic enablement after they made disparaging comments about him in response to his criticism of the game.

"Whenever a Blizzard employee gives their stamp of approval to a comment that vilifies me as a person, it enables that behaviour", he said before adding that it is "absolutely disgusting".

asmongold blizzard world of warcraft twitch negative comments
Asmongold does not take negative comments about him lightly. (Picture: Twitter / Asmongold)

Asmongold said that he would not allow himself to "sit there and take" the "negative s***" that was said about him. He added that those people should go and "suck a f***ing d***".

"I talk about the game. I talk about things that I don't like about the game. You make it personal. It's disgusting", Asmongold concluded.

It's clear that Asmongold is not letting this slide and stands firm to defend himself against viral commentary. It's widely known that Asmongold does not have the best relationship with Blizzard (nor its developers).

Asmongold contends that they are making it personal, so only time will tell if the heat will dissipate.

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Header image via Twitch / Asmongold.