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Asmongold slams Blizzard decision to change McCree's name in Overwatch

Twitch star and World of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold, shared his thoughts on Blizzard's "stupid" decision to rename the Overwatch hero McCree, says that it "doesn't really matter" to him and finds it "cringe".
Twitch streamer and World of Warcraft icon, Asmongold, is known to share an open dialogue. This includes dialogue around various contentious matters, including Twitch gambling streams and DMCA copy strike drama. The Twitch star recently shared his opinion on Blizzard's decision to rename the Overwatch hero "McCree", as the character was modelled after a former employee that was dismissed for being implicated in discrimination and sexual harassment at the company.

Asmongold reacts to Blizzard "stupid" McCree name change

After reading Blizzard's announcement on his stream Asmongold reacted to McCree's name change by saying that they should never have done it in the first place. "It was dumb in the beginning. It was stupid [...] It's a stupid decision to solve another stupid decision," he said.

Asmongold explained that when people think about McCree, they think about the hero and not the person over whom the hero was based off. "Nobodies like 'oh wow, this is the name of the Blizzard guy that molested people' [...] nobody is doing that," Asmongold said.

Asmongold disagrees with Blizzard's renaming of Overwatch hero McCree.
Asmongold disagrees with Blizzard's renaming of Overwatch hero McCree. (Picture: Twitch / Asmongold)

The Twitch star continued to say that he "doesn't really give a s***" and that it didn't matter whether they decided to change McCree's name or not. Asmongold said: "The only thing that I really think is cringe is changing the name and making a statement about it."

While Asmongold clearly disagrees with Blizzard's decision, he did agree with Blizzard's decision not to include real-world references to actual people, in the future. He noted that this "hurts immersion and seems narcissistic." At the same time, he also indicated that the statement gave him a "virtue signal vibe" though.

Blizzard endeavours to make further corrective actions that are better representative of its company values. The company also noted that these "will take time to roll out correctly" so only time will tell how the community will respond to these forthcoming changes.

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Header image via Twitch / Asmongold / Activision Blizzard.