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DrWitnesser seeks legal representation against Twitch after indefinite ban

The self-proclaimed esports missionary, DrWitnesser, is now seeking legal representation against Twitch and Amazon on the basis of religious discrimination.
DrWitnesser, according to his Twitter bio, tells people about Jesus in games. In January 2021, he was banned indefinitely on Twitch. Now, he is seeking legal representation against Twitch and Amazon in an attempt to overturn the ban on his account.

This was DrWitnesser's third strike, and at the time of writing, Twitch has not given an official reason for his indefinite ban nor will they as company policy dictates they never publically disclose the reason for suspensions.

Why was DrWitnesser banned from Twitch?

According to DrWitnesser in a video posted to Twitter, he received a Twitch ban in July 2020 for allegedly telling a Muslim kid in Fortnite "he was going to hell".

In the statement from DrWitnesser, slamming Esports Talk on YouTube, he uses air-quotes when talking about the alleged reason for his suspension. 

Then, DrWitnesser was suspensed yet again, this time for reasons, according to him, "nobody knew". Further, he claims the indefinite suspension in January 2021 had nothing to do with the clip from back in July 2020.

DrWitnesser is now claiming his Twitch account was unlawfully terminated on the basis of religious discrimination.

In a recent post on Twitter, DrWitnesser explains: "I’m currently seeking legal representation against Twitch & Amazon for unlawful termination of my Twitch account on the basis of religious discrimination. Unless Twitch restores my account in full and removing strikes against it, I will not waver from this pursuit of Justice."

Alongside the statement, he attached an image that appears to show a legal document from the Superior Court of California.

DrWitnesser twitch ban amazon legal representation(Picture: DrWitnesser)

It remains to be seen what will come of the DrWitnesser suspension, and if legal action against Twitch and Amazon will actually take place.

At the time of writing, there's no official statement from either company on the matter of DrWitnesser and no indication if the "esports missionary" will return to Twitch one day.