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Hasan hit with third Twitch ban over "cracker" racial drama

Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker was recently slammed with his third Twitch ban, presumably for using the term "cracker" during his livestream, which many believe to be a hateful racial slur.
Hasan hit with third Twitch ban over "cracker" racial drama

Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker was recently hit with a ban from the streaming platform following a heated debate around the term "cracker."

After two of his moderators were banned from Twitch, Hasan criticised the Amazon-owned streaming site, citing that the word "cracker" was not a racial slur. This subsequently attracted a strong reaction from the broader online community, who hammered the Twitch star for defending hate speech.

Hasan banned over "cracker" controversy

According to the Streamer Bans bot on Twitter, Hasan was banned on 14th December at 4:17 am GMT. Shortly after the ban, the Twitch star claimed that the reason for his Twitch ban was for "anti-white racism" by using the word "cracker" in his livestream.

Hasan firmly believes that "cracker" is not a racial slur. Followingly, it seems as though Hasan ignited the "cracker" controversy when he vehemently disapproved of Twitch banning two of his moderators from the platform.

On 11th December, Hasan wrote on Twitter, "[It's] absolute insane that Twitch banned two of my mods for using the word cracker. One of [the moderators] is black, and the other is brown. Does Twitch actually believe cracker is a slur?"

This response subsequently triggered a massive backlash from users online, who lambasted Hasan on forums like Reddit.

Hasan Piker does not believe that calling someone a cracker is a racial slur
Hasan Piker does not believe that calling someone a "cracker" is a racial slur. (Picture: Twitch / HasanAbi)

The Twitch star further elevated contention by addressing the criticism during a Twitch livestream on 12th December, arguing that "cracker" is not a hateful or racial slur.

"I've been called 'cracker' more times than every single one of you f**king pasty little cracker b****es in my chat [...] So shut the f***k up. Stop crying about this f**king term. Recognise that the person who's calling you a  f**king cracker is literally powerless," Hasan said in the livestream.

Although Hasan claims the reason for his ban was related to the ongoing controversial "cracker" debate, it is not known what the exact reasoning for his suspension is since Twitch does not publically share this information.

However, upon inspecting the Twitch Terms of Service, Twitch does appropriate disciplinary action against "all instances of hateful conduct and harassment," including racism.

hasan hasanabi piker banned twitch hateful slur cracker racism
Excerpt from the Twitch Terms of Service around "Hateful Conduct and Harassment." (Picture: Twitch)

At the time of writing, the duration of Hasan's suspension is unknown; however, he is still partnered on Twitch, which means that it is likely not a permanent ban.

We will endeavour to provide further updates should any more information become available.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / HasanAbi.