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Hasan slams Valkyrae's new skincare line: "It's just f**king soap"

The popular streamer did not shy away and slammed Valkyrae’s new skincare line which claims to protect your skin against blue light.
Hasan slams Valkyrae's new skincare line: "It's just f**king soap"

On 19th October, 100 Thieves co-owner and content creator, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, found herself coming under fierce criticism with her new skincare collection, RFLCT, being branded a "scam" as people took exception to its claims that it protects your skin from blue light. 

While it hasn’t sat well with plenty of fans and followers, the pseudo-scientific claims and unclear messaging from the new brand even has big internet names and personalities fired up for the worse.

One of them is Hasan Doğan Piker otherwise known as HasanAbi, a popular Twitch streamer with a ferocious following and unforgiving opinions, who mere hours after the product's launch, decided to slam its legitimacy.

“Why are you guys literally refusing to hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I can’t believe the fucking blue light is destroying your skin in the way the RFLCT product presents itself”, said the 30-year-old in his latest stream.

“It’s just f**king soap.”

RFLCT's skincare collection advertises itself as protecting those that sit in front of computer or smartphones screens all day from "blue light", the only problem is that studies show the damage "blue light" does to your skin is negligible.

It is not just a throwaway claim either, the company claims a new term with their products offering Blue Light Prevention Factor (BLPF), which, according to their website is similar to Sun Protection Factor (SPF)... but for blue light.

It's a claim that RFLCT themselves seem to not want to wholly stand behind, a disclaimer appears on their website waiving any and all responsibility “if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current” -- yikes.

Valkyrae, hasanabi, twitch, skin care, scam, reflect, soap, stream
RFLCT’s Section 3 is not what you want to hear from your favourite skincare brand. (Picture: RFLCT)

While marketing was invented to sell and not necessarily do right by the customer, it speaks volumes about a product, especially a start-up business like RLFCT, when the fine print reads “at your own risk.”

Valkyrae, hasanabi, twitch, skin care, scam, reflect, soap, stream
For a two-month-old brand, RFLCT couldn’t have started on a worse note even with Valkyrae on their corner. (Picture: RFLCT)

For now, the 100 Thieves and RFLCT co-owner Valkyrae is most likely in back-to-back meetings as they attempt to strategise their way out of this mess.

Hopefully, they are conducting face-to-face meetings and not over Zoom as they are probably going to grow tired of worrying about the blue light before long.


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Featured image courtesy of Valkyrae and Twitch.