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JiDion Calls Out Twitch Favoritism Amid Streamer Livestream Sex Scandal

YouTuber JiDion claims Twitch is sexist and racist after a streamer was banned for only 7 days despite them having sex during a live stream.
JiDion Calls Out Twitch Favoritism Amid Streamer Livestream Sex Scandal

In the past, Twitch streamers have gotten banned for the most heinous reasons, some without reasonable grounds. While this notion is not to discredit the often tough decisions that Twitch staff oversees against streamers who violate their Community Guidelines, one can argue the judgment passed isn’t always fair.

On 26th August 2022, Jidon “JiDion” Adams hit back at Twitch's alleged unfairness toward male streamers after the company issued a 7-day ban to Twitch creator kimmikka for having sexual intercourse during a live stream. Accordingly, the YouTube star branded Twitch as being "racist" and "sexist," and noted how “Twitch uses its full power against the opposite [gender].”

JiDion Hits Back At Alleged Twitch Favoritism, Says They're Sexist

jidion claims against twitch youtube
JiDion made some bold and striking claims in his latest YouTube video against Twitch. (Picture: Instagram / JiDion)

These bold claims about Twitch are indeed striking. In light of the recent controversy involving kimmikka and their seven-day Twitch ban, JiDion slammed Twitch for its inequality in judgment between female and male creators.

In a YouTube video published on 26th August 2022, JiDion opened up about the controversy, stating, “my editor, he sent me a list of videos to react to, right? I’m going down the list, and I see he sends me a Twitter link. [...] So I click on it and read the headline, ‘girl has sexual relations live on stream.’ I couldn’t believe it; you could actually see everything that was happening.”

JiDion presumed Twitch would’ve given kimmikka a month-long ban or even longer because it was a “huge” scandal “that’s basically showing p*rn to underage kids.” JiDion later went on kimmikka’s TikTok live stream and asked them what the duration of the Twitch ban was, to which kimmikka replied, saying it was “seven days.”

Following these remarks, JiDion emboldened the notion that a female streamer could have coitus live on stream, potentially in front of thousands of minors, and only receive a week-long Twitch ban. Despite this serious offense, the YouTuber is still permabanned, while other streamers are too for arguably less problematic violations. The YouTuber subsequently hit back at Twitch’s alleged “favoritism” toward female creators, branding them as “sexist.”

jidion twitch sexism favoritism controversy
JiDion called out Twitch's "sexism" and "favoritism" after recent controversy. (Picture: YouTube / JiDion)

When news surfaced about kimmikka’s scandal and banning on Twitch, JiDion Tweeted, “a girl gets f*cked on stream [and gets a] seven-day ban while I’m still here permabanned Twitch is racist!” For those unaware, JiDion was permabanned for "hate raiding" Pokimane earlier this year; this ban remains in place despite his public apology and newfound friendship with Pokimane.

Despite reaching 240,000 likes and multiple Retweets from well-known influencers, streamers, and trending on Twitter, JiDion claimed an inside source told him Twitch told the social networking service to take down the trend to presumably avoid facing backlash.

Beyond these statements, JiDion listed various examples of Twitch lambasting male creators for arguably forgivable offenses while softly giving female streamers a slap on the wrist for “showing their genitals” or violating similar serious sexual policy violations.

The YouTuber urged his fans to Tweet the hashtag "#twitchrespond" to see if Twitter is conspiring with Twitch to take down trending tags and posts about the recent controversy.

Subsequently, the hashtag was urged to provoke the streaming platform to answer JiDion’s questions involving his bold and striking claims of Twitch’s “sexism” and “favoritism," which, at the time of writing, haven't been publically addressed by the streaming platform.

Feel free to watch the whole YouTube video above.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / JiDion.