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Keemstar accused of "overlooking blatant sexism" amid IShowSpeed drama

Twitch icon Felix "xQc" slammed Drama Alert host Keemstar after attempting to downplay IShowSpeed's "blatant sexism" as "trash talk."
Keemstar accused of "overlooking blatant sexism" amid IShowSpeed drama

YouTuber IShowSpeed was recently hit with significant backlash after an old clip of him berating a female player in a sexist rant during a Valorant match went viral on Twitter. The clip, shared by reporter Jake Lucky on 6th April, garnered remarkable attention, prompting swift action by Riot Games to permanently ban IShowSpeed from all of its gaming titles.

Blown away by the "unbelievably toxic" nature of the clip, Lucky drew attention to how "one of the most popular streamers on YouTube" could say "crap like this" but get "nothing but praise and laughs." Lucky later added, "Actually unbelievable [how] kids be looking up to this and finding it alright." While the overwhelming majority of comments on the thread agreed with Lucky's stance on the matter, some individuals did not.

ishowspeed banned riot games youtube valorant stream sexism
IShowSpeed has been slammed for his sexist remarks toward a female Valorant player. (Picture: YouTube / IShowSpeed)

xQc slams Keemstar for overlooking IShowSpeed's blatant sexism

On 7th April, Drama Alert host and YouTuber Daniel "Keemstar" Keem criticised Lucky on Twitter, calling him a hypocrite for trying to expose IShowSpeed for what he regarded as "trash talk"  in video games. Keemstar also highlighted how "many [people] are saying Jake Lucky's attack was 'racially motivated.'"

In his Twitter post, Keemstar attached screenshots of Lucky's past tweets, some of which cited Lucky saying, "there ain't much better than Call of Duty trash talk" and "There's already more trash talk and banter in Valorant than CSGO, and I kinda dig it."

In a separate Twitter post, Keemstar also claimed Lucky was "trying to turn video games into a Woke Safe Place" and noted that "trash talk has always been apart (sic) of gaming [and] those that cry about it like Jake Lucky are anti-gaming."

Followingly, Twitch megastar Felix "xQc" Lengyel retorted, lambasting Keemstar for "overlooking blatant sexism" and using "the racism card" to farm impressions from "women haters."

"Apparently, Keemstar seems to think that "is a female talking to me? Get off the game and do your wash and dishes" is good "trash talk" or even "trash talk" at all. Pretty rich to try to use the racism card while overlooking blatant sexism. Stop baiting women haters. Getting old," xQc said on Twitter.

xqc keemstar ishowspeed sexism drama
xQc slammed Keemstar for "baiting women haters" and overlooking IShowSpeed's "blatant sexism". (Picture: YouTube / Keemstar)

Indeed, xQc is no stranger to Call of Duty trash-talking traditions and has reprised his role as the unofficial trash-talking king in a WWE 2K22 spat last month. Still, despite being Twitch's most profane streamer, xQc was clear about Keemstar stepping over the line, and many Twitter users agreed.

Sadly, it didn't quite sink in with Keemstar, who maintained his opinion that telling a female gamer to "wash dishes" was "trash talk." Go figure. In a video uploaded on Twitter, Keemstar also attempted to justify IShowSpeed's behaviour, saying "he's a child" and that his back-and-forth "trash talking" with the female player "isn't real."

Noteworthy, IShowSpeed acknowledged his wrongdoing and apologised for his behaviour publically on Twitter, claiming he has grown immensely since his sexist outburst in the months prior, clearly highlighting the maturation gap with his 40-year-old YouTube counterpart.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / xQcOW and Keemstar.