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Logan Paul wears $150k Charizard card to boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather

The infamous content creator survived an entire exhibition match against one of the best boxers of all time, but the highlight was his in-ring entrance.
Logan Paul wears $150k Charizard card to boxing bout with Floyd Mayweather
Despite Floyd Mayweather himself calling the match against internet content creator Logan Paul a "legalized bank robbery," millions of people tuned in to the exhibition bout that ended up with no winner after eight rounds of a somewhat ludicrous boxing showcase.

More so than the result or the match itself, what drew a lot of attention even before both gladiators stepped into the arena, was Logan Paul's walkout, as the YouTuber wore his famous PSA-graded 10 Charizard Pokemon card.

Paul, who bought the card back in October, spending $150k on one of the rarest Pokémon TCG cards ever, wore it like a piece of fine jewelry around his neck.

Using the iconic Pokémon card bought Paul some goodwill with the gaming community, which gave a bit of support on social media for the controversial content creator during the bout.

logan paul pokémon
(Picture: DAZN)

If for whatever reason you're keeping score of Logan Paul's boxing career, he's currently 0-1-2, with two technical draws against Mayweather and KSI, and a split decision defeat against the latter in their second bout back in 2019.