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m0xyy's Twitch ban reversed, after reportedly being permabanned

The streamer was reportedly permabanned after 3 DMCA strikes.
m0xyy's Twitch ban reversed, after reportedly being permabanned

Update: On Saturday, 14th November, m0xyy's Twitch suspension has been revoked, and he is no longer banned on Twitch.

While his Twitch channel is no longer suspended, m0xyy is still being inactive on both Twitch and Twitter and is yet to make a statement about the ban.


Original Story:

Popular Twitch streamer "m0xyy" has been banned from Twitch and reportedly acquiring three DMCA strikes.

While Twitch doesn't publicly disclose reasons behind bans, they usually do explain them to banned streamers, but m0xyy is being quiet about the ban as well.

He posted his last tweet on the 11th November, two days before the ban, and it doesn't sound good for him.

"I've been DMCA'd twice in one week and I believe next one will be a permanent ban," wrote m0xyy.

"I'm going to be deleting all my clips and VODs, hopefully, all will be done in the next couple of days. Save them if you want while you still can before its too late."

From his tweet, it's clear that the young streamer was anxious that his channel might be permanently suspended. 

m0xyy Twitch Ban
An infamous message that appears when a channel is banned (Picture: Twitch)

And while it is not confirmed if the ban is permanent or temporary, his fans think that his fears prove founded and that he wasn't fast enough to delete all of his infringing VODs before he was given his third strike, the one that gets you banned permanently. 

Even if his ban is indeed permanent, Twitch has shown previously that they will revoke bans where the reason is a copyright strike issued for an old VOD, when a streamer deletes them.

There's is a reasonable chance that m0xyy's ban will be reversed, something we've already seen with SquishyMuffinz and Voyboy, who had their bans reversed after they deleted all their VODs.

Twitch released a statement a few days ago, where they tried to shed some light on the DMCA situation, but things aren't getting better and streamers aren't happy with how Twitch is handling the crisis.

m0xyy Twitch ban over DMCA
DMCA is making a lot of trouble for streamers over the last several weeks (Picture: Twitch)

Before the ban, m0xyy had around 560,000 followers on Twitch and his streaming career was on the rise.

The 20-year-old made a name for himself in 2018 as a skilled Overwatch player, who at the time played with other popular Overwatch streamers, including the likes of Kragie and xQc.