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Monstercat "fast-track" Twitch affiliation comes under fire

As part of the Monstercat Gold monthly subscription benefits, Twitch streamers will be able to apply to the Affiliate Program easier, something that has attracted critics.
Monstercat "fast-track" Twitch affiliation comes under fire

Over the past few weeks, the Twitch streamer community has suffered from poor decisions on the part of the Amazon-owned company, mainly due to music copyright issues and thousands of DMCA-affected accounts.

This has led to receiving criticism and responses from media personalities such as CouRage, Lirik, Scump, among many others, who have had to delete hundreds of hours of content, due to the latent danger of receiving notifications related to copyright, losing the Partner status or even the access to their accounts.

Twitch has been aware of this, while also offering some sort of “solution” when they introduced Soundtrack, a library of music that is licensed for use in streams and that doesn’t record to Clips or VODs, so streamers can share the music-free version on other platforms, while also streaming without the danger of a DMCA takedown notice.

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(Picture: Twitch)

Soundtrack's announcement has been met with a mixed response, with cries of "too late" for many who have been forced to delete all their recorded content on the platform

Now, just days after GlitchCon, a massive online event held by Twitch to replace the cancelled TwitchCon 2020, Monstercat has released the news of a new partnership with them.

In which, through their Monstercat Gold monthly subscription service, they will allow access to thousands of songs from the music label's repertoire, for $5 a month.

However, within the statement, a mention is made to the of speeding up the acceptance process in the Affiliate Program, a program dedicated to emerging streamers, which has also brought mixed reactions from many users.





These types of reactions and comments were to be expected, since streamers had always seen obtaining Affiliate status as an achievement, given the requirements that must be met to be so.

Now, and according to the Monstercat Gold support site, it’s only necessary to retain the membership for 30 days to be eligible for the program, which devalues the very thing the membership offers.

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One of the main benefits of the subscription “fast-tracks” Affiliate status (Picture: Monstercat)

Twitch hasn’t commented yet on the changes regarding the Affiliate Program, however, this announcement has been perceived as a smokescreen against the problems with the record labels, while others have accused Twitch of giving false hope to streamers who don’t get many viewers.