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MrConRem announces return to Twitch, following last year's grooming accusations

Fortnite streamer MrConRem has been accused of grooming a minor in December last year, after which he deleted his Twitter account.
MrConRem announces return to Twitch, following last year's grooming accusations

Twitch streamer MrConRem has decided to break his two-month silence with an apology statement in which he announced that he will return to streaming.

In December last year, MrConRem has been a subject of grooming accusations, for allegedly paying a minor $150 to send him her nude photos.

Accusations were backed with alleged screenshots of several girls saying that he was soliciting nudes from them despite knowing that they were 17 years old.

At the time, MrConRem responded to accusations saying that he had thought they are 18, but he admitted his responsibility and then deactivated his Twitter account and disappeared from social media completely.

After almost two and a half months of silence, MrConRem has now returned to Twitter with a TwitLonger post titled "I’m sorry".

"I'm sorry. My actions last year were in no way acceptable," MrConRem wrote. "I'm sorry to those that looked up to me who I let down. I made bad choices that I have been reflecting on and that is not the person I am or strive to be."

MrConRem states that he was unhappy for most of 2020 and that he understands that he made a lot of bad choices and completely deserve all the consequences.

He claims that he was "getting help and will continue to do so" and explains that the only thing which was his happiness during the hard times in 2020 was streaming, which is why he was streaming for 10+ hours every day.

MrConRem back to twitch
MrConRem was 24 at the time of alleged grooming (Picture: MrConRem)

At the same time, he used this opportunity to announce his return to streaming.

"For those who still rock with me, as stated above, streaming is my happiness and I will be returning soon and can’t wait to reunite with my twitch family again," MrConRem announced. "I miss you guys and appreciate you so much. I hope you can forgive me. Here’s to a better 2021. Love you guys."

The news of his return has been met with criticism from some of his fellow Fortnite content creators, including FaZe Ewok, Demic, and KNG Marc, who immediately responded to his Tweet, saying that he is not really sorry and demanding of him to deactivate his Twitter account again, clearly expressing that they don't want him in the community anymore.