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Nickmercs is giving away $300,000 to his community for Christmas

FaZe co-owner and Twitch streamer Nickmercs is getting in the holiday spirit and giving away $300,000 in prizes to the MFAM for Christmas!
Nickmercs is giving away $300,000 to his community for Christmas

Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff is one of the most popular and adored figures on Twitch, boasting an incredible fan base of over 6.3 million followers. So followingly, the internet star decided to express his love and appreciation for his MFAM, who he regards as pivotal in his success, with an insane $300,000 giveaway for Christmas this year. 

Nickmercs is giving away $300K in gifts to MFAM for Christmas

On 20th December, Nickmercs uploaded a video announcement on Twitter, revealing his Christmas giveaway. Before continuing, the Twitch star first acknowledged several significant milestones he achieved this year.

Nickmercs announces $300K MFAM Christmas Giveaway
Nickmercs announced a $300K MFAM Christmas Giveaway starting tomorrow. (Picture: Twitter / Nickmercs)

"2021 was an amazing and a very successful year for the team. We've hit some big accomplishments, signed some huge deals, and I checked off a lot of goals of mine personally. You guys are a big reason for all of that," Nickmercs said.

The Twitch star continued, "Without each and every one of your support, a lot of these things that I'm talking about just wouldn't be possible." 

Nickmercs then mentioned that while he is grateful for all of the support, "after a million of 'em, it gets a little monotonous." Followingly, Nickmercs announced that he's got prizes worth $300,000 (or "300 racks") that he wants to giveaway throughout the following week.

"I've got $8000 PCs; I got two tickets to the Big Game, I got 600 Earbuds from Beats, I got controllers from Scuff [Gaming], I got FaZe stuff [and] Twitch stuff," he added.

Nickmercs is giving back to the MFAM this Christmas
Nickmercs is giving back to the MFAM this Christmas. (Picture: Twitter / Nickmercs)

Nickmercs revealed that all the Christmas goods came from "out of pocket," albeit with some out-of-pocket help from some partners. The Twitch star said he wants "to make this Christmas special for the entire MFAM."

But Nickmercs didn't stop there and continued to say that he didn't only want to make Christmas memorable for his Twitch viewers.

"We're spreading the love here on Twitter and Instagram as well, with not one but two $10,000 cash giveaways. So everybody can and everybody should [enter]," the Twitch star added.

Nickmercs will have two $10,000 cash giveaways on social media
Nickmercs will have two $10,000 cash giveaways on social media. (Picture: YouTube / Nickmercs)

Nickmercs concluded by saying that he loves Christmas and that growing up, his parents did the most to make the holiday season special and one to remember. "And I want to do the best I can to make it one for you guys as well," he said.

It's incredible to see Nickmercs give so much love back to his community, who are deep-rooted in his success.

Indeed, Nickmercs is setting the standards, and few influencers are quite like him. Hopefully, Nickmercs' gesture will inspire other creators to follow suit in getting into the holiday spirit.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Nickmercs.