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Pokimane posts concerning Twitter post: "I give up"

Twitch star, Imane "Pokimane" Anys, posted a worrying Twitter post admitting to "give up". This swiftly prompted her followers to pour out their love, following concerns of burnout.
Pokimane posts concerning Twitter post: "I give up"

Imane "Pokimane" Anys previously opened up about her mental health and admitted that she was feeling "burnt out" from streaming lately. The Twitch star boasts an audience of nearly 16 million fans across YouTube and Twitch and is revealed to balance several other projects as well.

More recently, Pokimane was featured as a cameo in a major Hollywood film, "Free Guy" and in the music video "Inferno" by artist, Bella Poarch. Despite these accolades, it seems as though the stress and heavy load have caught up with her as Pokimane claimed to be ready to "give up" in a recent Twitter post.

Pokimane posts "I give up" on Twitter, signalling potential burnout

In her tweet posted on the 19th of August, Pokimane wrote: "This has been a week of constant disappointments, and as someone who prides themself on being perpetually optimistic, I must admit: I give up."

As you can imagine, fans were concerned and swiftly bombarded the Twitch star's Twitter feed with memes and words of support and encouragement.

pokimane burnt out from twitch streaming
Pokimane admits that she is burnt out from streaming. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane)

Fellow Twitch streamer and xQc's ex-girlfriend, Adept reached out and said: "This is exactly how I was feeling yesterday, on to the next week tbh it will get better."

One fan even gave Poki some good advice, tweeting: "You’re doing amazing! Take a break from whatever is going wrong and do something that never goes wrong (like reading your favourite book, rewatching a TV show, eating ice cream) sometimes the best answer to a bad day, event or whatever is to step back and do something familiar."

pokimane i give up twitter post sends fans support
Pokimane tweets concerning tweet but her follows come to her rescue. (Picture: Pokimane / YouTube)

All of the kind works appeared to have some effect as the Twitch star later tweeted to thank everybody for their support. "I just need to reprioritize my life and figure some things out," Pokimane said. We agree and perhaps a well-deserved break is in order.

We very much doubt that fans would be against Pokimane taking some time to herself. She has been on the grind for several years now and streams religiously for her fans. It's also great to see her fans have her back even when times are tough.

You got this, Poki! Everything will work out in the end. Best of all, you have the full support of all of us over here at GINX Esports TV!

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Header image via Twitter / Pokimane.