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Streamers leave OPG after sexual harassment allegations levelled at CEO

Online Performers Group (OPG) clients, who are predominately streamers and content creators, leave the company after the CEO, Omeed Dariani, was accused of sexually harassing women.
Streamers leave OPG after sexual harassment allegations levelled at CEO

Omeed Dariani the CEO Online Performers Group, a streamer management group, has stepped down from his role and dozens of the companies clients, like Ben "CohhCarnage" Cassell and Roberto "Towelliee" Garcia, severed ties after allegations of sexual harassment were levelled at Dariani.


Omeed Dariani CEO OPG
Dariani has been accused of sexually harassing women. (Picture: OPG)


The allegations became public on June 20, when Molly Ayala, an Overwatch Community Development Lead, in a statement posted to Twitter, detailed her experience with Dariani when she was just getting started in the industry.



Ayala recounts how after a day of working with Dariani, who at the time was employed at Sony Online Entertainment, he informed her that to get ahead in the gaming industry, it would help to sleep with "some of the men at her company."

"You remarked that in a male-dominated industry, it was really the best way to get ahead," recounts Ayala. "You told me that it was a small industry – very relationship-based. You told me that you could help me. You also told me about how people could also be your downfall and that you had personally blacklisted others before… and about women who had been blacklisted in the industry for not “doing the right thing.”

Ayala then claims that Dariani then propositioned her, twice, to which she refused. The incident caused her to take a break from streaming and the gaming industry and question whether there was a future for her in the industry.

Ayala then states that she felt compelled to come forward after realising that there was evidence of a "larger pattern of predatory behaviour".

"I know of at least one other woman who had a nearly identical experience with you in 2015," Ayala said.

Omeed replied to Ayala's Tweet stating that he "respected her version of events," but that he had didn't "recall asking you to have a threesome." 

Hours later Omeed would be announcing he was stepping down from his role as CEO, "I am no longer the CEO of OPG[...] Please don’t destroy it because you’re angry at me."



The accusation prompted an outpouring of support for Ayala and clients of OPG made their own statements detailing their intention to leave the company as soon as it was possible.

Of the 73 clients list on OPG's website, 50 have either terminated their current contract with OPG or noted their intent to leave when contractual obligations allow them. 

Roberto "Towelliee" Garcia, Twitch council member Ben "CohhCarnage" Cassell and Brooke "Dodger" Thorne were just some of the many creators who have severed ties with OPG.


CohhCarnage OPG Omeed Dariani sexual harassment threesome Molly Ayala OPG streeamers leave
CohhCarange was just one of over 50 streamers who have left OPG in light of the allegations. (Picture: CohhCarnage)



CohCornage, who was OPG's first client, said it was not a "decision he took lightly".



Dodger spoke of her "shock" at hearing the allegations.

"I hope all the people who have been used or abused by my peers are taking care of themselves.".


Omeed Dairani is one of a number of persons in the gaming and streaming worlds who have had accusations made against them in recent days, with streamer Lono/SayNoToRage, caster Tom "ProSyndicate" Casell and Henry "HenryG" Greer all being accused of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Twitch has also come out to support those that have made allegations in a statement they said:

"We take accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct extremely seriously. We are actively looking into the accounts concerning streamers affiliated with Twitch and will work with law enforcement where applicable. We're thankful for the bravery shown by those who have come forward to speak about their experiences, and we are committed to working to make the streaming community safer for everyone."