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Summit1g watches Dr Disrespect on Twitch as fans warn of possible ban

Popular streamer Summit1g laughed at the possibility of getting banned for watching a Dr Disrespect YouTube video and streaming it on Twitch.
Summit1g watches Dr Disrespect on Twitch as fans warn of possible ban

Over a year ago, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV was permanently banned from Twitch, despite being one of the biggest streaming personalities out there. He found a new home on YouTube and in August, revealed that he knows the reason for the ban, and plans to sue. They didn't just ban Dr Disrespect from streaming, as the Amazon-owned streaming platform also forbids others from showing the two-time on stream, and TimTheTatman has previously claimed Twitch might not let people play with Doc even off-stream.

Well, it appears that popular Twitch streamer Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar isn't phased by this, as he recently watched a Dr Disrespect YouTube video and streamed it on Twitch...

Summit1g watches Dr Disrespect and streams it

Summit1g recently watched a Dr Disrespect video entitled "DrDisRespect goes SHOPPING" where the doc was shopping for a racing simulator setup to upgrade his "command centre".

Summit1g watches dr disrespect twitch stream youtube video ban
Summit1g watching a Dr Disrespect YouTube video live on Twitch. (Picture: Summit1g)

While watching, someone told Summit1g that he wasn't allowed to stream footage of Dr Disrespect, and the chat spammed "TOs" pointing towards Twitch's Terms of Service. 

"I’m not allowed to watch him? It’s a YouTube video! Bulls%#t! I watch banned streamers all the time. I watched a video with, what’s that guy’s name, the guy who faked that he was in a wheelchair."

The person Summit1g is referencing here is banned streamer Angel "ZilianOP" Hamilton.

Summit1g twitch ban dr disrespect streaming youtube watches
Summit1g speaking to his viewers. (Picture: Summit1g)

Summit1g continued by exclaiming: "If I can’t watch Doc, how can I watch him? What the f%#k!" and laughed, saying: "Alright boys, well hey, looks like our time here is over. We’re going to be banned for three days. I’m kidding. I’m kidding."

Summit1g did proceed to close the Dr Disrespect video. Check out a clip showcasing what happened below.

At the time of writing, Summit1g remains unbanned and Twitch has not publically commented about the content creator watching Dr Disrespect on his Twitch stream.

It does, however, appear as if Summit1g isn't afraid that he could get banned by Twitch for watching Dr Disrespect, and it is not the first time the two-time has appeared on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.


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Featured image courtesy of Summit1g.