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Sweet Anita recounts being robbed and stranded in London

The British streamer recalls a series of unfortunate events that left her “stuck” in a train station.
Sweet Anita recounts being robbed and stranded in London

We live in a world where is hard to go by without your smartphone as it has become an essential tool of our daily lives.

Now picture yourself in an unknown town without your wallet, train ticket, and trying to explain to strangers everything that happened to you without letting your Tourette’s Syndrome get in the way.

That happened to the Twitch star, Anita_Sweet, who had to hustle in every way imaginable to get out of that disastrous situation.

Everything changed for Sweet_Anita in a snap of a moment

Twitch Partner Sweet_Anita
The famous streamer found herself stranded in a train station without her phone nor wallet. (Picture: Sweet_Anita)

The road trip after a party turned chaotic in London as Sweet_Anita was going to a house showing before heading back to her hometown.

She recalls walking through the station before bumping into a guy “a bit weirdly, like face on face” she mentioned during her latest twitch stream.

Moments later, while trying to confirm she had her train ticket, Anita found that her wallet with all of her stuff was gone, leaving her stranded and with bombarding notifications of her bank due to her money being spent rapidly.

She quickly was able to cancel most of her cards but obviously, that left Anite unable to use them for travel anymore.

Users were divided as they claim she had no business streaming if she hadn’t cleared everything with the bank, which she also acknowledges that the problem with banks is that her tics due to her Tourettes causes the customer service representatives to hang up.

Fortunately, no streamers were harmed during this event as she was able to get through the rest of her day safely as a group of strangers helped her out.

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