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TSM Myth fires back at "yeezy wearing" haters who claim his best days are over

The popular streamer says he can't wait to "slam dunk" on those that doubt him.
The life and success of a content creator is a fickle one, there is a whole language that has sprung up to describe the various stages of a successful internet personality - from a streamer to a YouTuber - it goes like this:

There is the "grind", those arduous hours, days, months and years when you do it for no recognition, no money, and no fame.

Then, if you are lucky, you "blow up". You start getting over 1 million people watching every upload and 30k+ tuning in daily for your streams. Now, you are everywhere; collaborating with the other big-timers, signing deals with GFUEL, making "bank", getting "the bag". You're on top of the world, signed by an esports organisation and EA has just paid you $1m to play Apex Legends for three hours. Life is good.

Myth TSM haters supreme
Some GFOOLS. (Picture: GFUEL)

Then, the fall. Your chosen game hasn't got that hype anymore. Maybe you were an early trendsetter in a game's nascent professional scene and the kids coming up start eating you alive. Maybe you got a little bigheaded with your success, the arrogance creeps in, and you alienate your core. 

And who wouldn't? You've just spent a long weekend in Hawai with, yet another, Instagram model after a hard couple of days filming a commercial with Will Smith.

If any of that happens and the viewers start trending downwards, the offers become slightly less lucrative, and the YouTube channel is stagnating, then you, my friend, are officially "washed".

Ah yes, washed... the only thing more uncool than appearing washed in the world of content creation, at least in the eyes of those that would use such a word, is to be seen as a "simp". 

But like simp, washed is one of those terms that really means nothing, to be called one is more a projection from those that do so, than an accurate reflection on the accused. 

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It is something TSM's Ali "Myth" Kabbani recognizes all too well.

The former Fortnite star, who at the height of his success was one of Twitch's biggest streamers regularly pulling in anywhere between 20-120k viewers but now averaging around 7k, was compelled to fire back at the "yeezy wearin' f**k boys" that turn up in his stream's chat to remind him of that very fact.

TSM Myth
Myth has no time for his haters. (Picture: TSM Myth)

In a no holds barred tweet Myth explained that such criticism only serves as motivation.

"I don't care anymore, fuck all you supreme wearing yeezy wearin' f**k boys that come to my chat everyday to try to make me feel like shit about where I'm at vs where I was (sic)," tweeted Myth. "It's about where I'm going and I can't wait to slam dunk on u f**k boys."

TSM Myth Tweet haters yeezy supreme
Myth fired back at his haters. (Picture: @TSM_Myth)

While there is no arguing that Myth doesn't pull in the same viewing figures as he once did, suggestions he is anything but a success on Twitch is just plain wrong.

He has and still does make bank having significant sway on the platform. And if you are actually a fan, you know his move into full-time content creation is such a better fit for him than the latent toxicity than permeates the Fortnite pro scene that it isn't even funny.

And speaking of funny, Myth is. From his bang-on impressions of xQc and Ben Shapiro to the impromptu goodbye letter he penned to Fortnite and in his new-found role as TSM's Valorant hype-man. This guy's talent transcends "crankin' 90's" and Twitch, and the organisation he represents, are all the better for their association with him.

TSM Myth haters
Myth's an entertainer and he is one of the best in the business. (Picture: Myth)

There is a reason after all G2's CEO, Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago, claimed he would "give his left testicle" to have Myth on G2 and it isn't because he's a masochist.

Perhaps Lannan Eacott aka LazarBeam put it best when in reply to Myth's tweet, he had this succinct message:

"People who ain’t done nothing chatting sh*t to someone who has done something. 

Ya just gotta feel sorry for 'em."