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Twitch criticised for adding "bare minimum" support system for banned streamers

After many years, Twitch has finally introduced a new system that will provide more detailed information about suspensions and bans to content creators.
Twitch criticised for adding "bare minimum" support system for banned streamers

In recent months, Twitch streamers have been through ups and downs due to many issues around the platform’s review system, with lots of them receiving sudden bans and suspensions without any explanation.

While most of these are linked to DMCA policies, inappropriate behaviour, or even some mistakes around content shared by viewers, big names like xQc, Ibai, and CodeMiko just to name a few, have suffered from these incidents showing frustration on Twitch’s vague reasons for their infractions.

Twitch banned page
(Picture: Twitch)

Hopefully this will start changing from now on, as Twitch announced through their Support accounts a new notification system that allows creators to get more info as for why they were suspended, including the date of the infraction, the title of the stream, and the guidelines they violated.

At first this could seem like a good solution for some, however there is a big flaw with this new system as it doesn’t even show the exact moment the infraction was comitted, meaning that if it happened in a very long stream, it would be difficult to know what caused it.

Twitch ban notification
(Picture: Twitch)

Content creators criticised this decision and pointed at how long it took Twitch to make a system as basic as this since up until this point, a streamer would have no idea what they had done to warrant a or how long would they be suspended, creating uncertainty and frustration.

Many remember cases of famous streamers and the big lack of transparency, with the most famous being Dr. Disrespect and his indefinite ban since the summer of 2020.

At least for now, the Amazon platform will finally comply with one of the biggest requests of its community, with doubts regarding suspensions being cleared in a certain way and, in this way, avoiding having to contact the support team without having any kind of idea on what to do.

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