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Twitch restricts ad-blockers to lower resolutions - fix inside for uBlock users!

Twitch is seemingly fighting back against the Ublock app which has helped users get around Twitch's adverts by forcing them to watch at resolutions of 480p and lower.
Twitch's adverts were never that big of an issue for viewers, at least that was the case until September of this year when Twitch introduced forced mid-roll ads.

Twitch uBlock forcing lower resolution ad block fix
(Picture: Asmongold)

That decision prompted untold numbers to look for ways to get around these potentially stream ruining nuisances and many found themselves using uBlock Origin which effectively removed the pre-roll and mid-roll ads from the platform.

Now Twitch is fighting back with uBlock users reporting that they have been restricted resolutions as low as 360p.

If you have found yourself reading this the idea of going back to an ad-filled Twitch is probably the last thing you intend to do so lets not mess around and get into the fixes.

We have two for you one that you may have to do regularly to maintain your high resolution (1080p+) playback and no ads.

The other is perhaps a more long-term fix but involves trading some functionality.

Twitch uBlock low resolution fix - Method 1

  1. Open uBlock's settings menu.
  2. Find "3rd-party filters".
  3. Click "Purge all caches", and then "Update now".
  4. Close your browers and Twitch (if you have it open).
  5. Open up your favourite ad-free stream!

Use third-party Twitch player - Method 2

Method 2 for getting ad-free Twitch is a bit more involved with the use of a third party Twitch player.

  1. Download "Alternative Player for Twitch.tv"
  2. Download and install uBlock Origin
  3. Enjoy ad-free Twitch at whatever resolution you'd like!