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Twitch Celebration feature comes under fire for "awful" 50/50 donation split

The new donation which activates fireworks graphics has been criticized for taking half of the donated money from the streamer.
Twitch Celebration feature comes under fire for "awful" 50/50 donation split

Streamers have blasted Twitch after it emerged that their Celebrations feature - a donation which includes such things as fireworks to explode on screen - is set to be a 50/50 split between Twitch and the streamer, much higher than the amount taken when donating through bits.

The feature is seen to be a move to take a larger share of streamer's donations which, unlike the purchasing of bits from Twitch or subbing to a channel, is done through third parties like PayPal meaning Twitch doesn't recieve a cut of the donation.

The Celebrations feature is not new having been trialled in April of this year, however, at that time it was activated through subscriptions and bits. This time though things are different, with streamers given the option of setting a donation amount that will spark the celebrations.

Twitch celebrations bits donation split 50/50
(Picture: Zach Bussey)

The issue was brought to light by Zach Bussey of Creator Hype, who suggested that the 50/50 split is "awful".

Zach also makes mention of the prominent placement of the "Celebrate" button placed between "Follow" and "Subscribe" that sits below a live stream.

It's safe to say the feature hasn't and its implementation hasn't gone down well with streamers with some looking at it in a particulary poorly in light of the recent troubles streamers have faced with DMCA strikes.

It must be noted that this feature is currently in a testing phase and the plan at the moment seems to be that streamers will be able to opt-in or out of it when its rolled out.

One potential upside to such a feature is for streamers to be adversely affected by chargebacks. A process where donations through PayPal or some other 3rd party payment method forcibly refunded, often causing the streamer to be hit with added fees.

It's not yet clear if and when Twitch will roll out this feature to all partnered channels.