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Twitch fisherman attacked by crab live on stream

Twitch has come a long way since its simple video-game streaming roots, proves fisherman streamer Alecludford as he gets attacked by a crab whilst broadcasting live to fans.
Twitch fisherman attacked by crab live on stream

Twitch’s Just Chatting category has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s people like Alecludford that helped make that happen. The Twitch streamer does enjoy playing games from time to time but mostly puts down the mouse and keyboard in favour of a fishing lure and a selfie stick.

Twitch fisherman crab attack
(Picture: Alecludford)

In a recent clip, Alec was streaming live to his viewers whilst fishing in the rain from his kayak when he hooked what he believed to be a stick on his line. Upon reeling in his catch, he revealed that it wasn’t, in fact, a stick but instead a crab that had grabbed onto his fishing hook.

Unfortunately for Alec, the crab doesn’t take kindly to being removed from the fishing line, and attacks the fisherman, causing him to cry out. He releases the crab which hangs on to Alec for a second for falling to the bottom of the kayak. 

In the extended stream, the streamer picks the crab up a second time, saying “I tell you what you motherf-” before getting attacked a second time and dropping the crab back into the water. Afterwards, Alec examines his hand where the creature had attacked him and informs viewers that he received a cut to his middle finger and is currently bleeding.

Despite this rather intense interaction, Alecludford’s streams are usually far more relaxed than the clip would suggest. The streamer is known for his small but tightknit community who watch his streams for their rather unique outdoor content.

Alec claims his streams are all about inspiring viewers to go outside and live their lives, although he might want to add a disclaimer to this biography about not picking up crabs whilst you’re out there.