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Twitch forced to mute Metallica's BlizzConline performance to avoid DMCA

Embarrassingly it was streamed on Twitch's Gaming channel.
BlizzConline kicked off with a bang, giving fans of Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch plenty of things to be excited about, however, the bizarre decision to close out the opening ceremony with a prerecorded performance by rock band Metallica raised concerns, as Twitch was forced to mute the audio to avoid a possible DMCA strike.

During the broadcast streamed on the Twitch Gaming channel, the company decided to completely mute the band, replacing it with generic 8-bit music to the amusement of thousands of viewers, who relished in the irony of the situation that has been affecting hundreds of content creators. 

Many users have taken to social media to showcase their various reactions to this particular incident.

It should be noted this situation only occurred on the Twitch Gaming channel, since the official Blizzard streams on the platform, as well as on YouTube and Facebook, could be heard normally.

However, it has been reported that in the last few minutes, streamers have started deleting their broadcasts reacting to the opening ceremony, in order not to fall to a DMCA strike.

Perhaps Twitch should follow its own advice and not stream content with copyrighted music in it.