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Twitch is taking measures to stop Valorant beta drops farming

Since the introduction of Valorant beta Twitch drops, the cloud of controversy followed the system, and now Twitch finally wants to put an end to it.
Twitch is taking measures to stop Valorant beta drops farming

From the very first day since Valorant closed beta has started, things surrounding its Twitch views were shady and a topic of controversy.

The game quickly broke many Twitch records, but the numbers were clearly inflated by bots and people who were farming streams just for the chance of getting a beta drop. At first, Beta Drops were the privilege of a few big and famous names in the Twitch streaming community, but since recently, anyone who streams Valorant is eligible to offer Beta drops to their viewers.

This led to massive farming and abuse of the system, with many streamers who put reruns of their previous sessions and mark them as "live" in order for people to come and watch their stream just for a chance to get beta access.

In order to put a stop to this practice, Twitch officially updated their Community Guidelines and warn streamers that this is not acceptable and it will be considered as cheating for Twitch Drops.

This kind of farming and abuse from streamers became really a problematic thing in the last few days, with even the biggest names, like Summit, openly criticising his fellow streamers who were doing this.


Riot Games agrees with the decision made by Twitch, stating that "Twitch has been a great ally in helping us ship our beta," and are thankful for their support.