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Twitch partner SlikeR out of Team Liquid

Team Liquid has announced that British streamer SlikeR is no longer part of the organization, and fans might be wondering why this happened.
Twitch partner SlikeR out of Team Liquid

All the way back in June 2020, Team Liquid announced a new member of their family, British streamer SlikeR, also known as ItsSlikeR. With over 370,000 followers on Twitch, SlikeR is a streamer who specializes in a tonne of content, from Among Us to Just Chatting where he reacts to the latest happenings in the online world. Now, Team Liquid has announced SlikeR is out of the organization, and fans might be wondering why.

Why is SlikeR out of Team Liquid?

Late on 25th April 2021, Team Liquid made a short announcement on Twitter, revealing that SlikeR is out of the famous esports organization.

The statement simply reads: "Thank you Sliker
for everything you've done for us, especially during a difficult year. We wish you nothing but the best and look forward to seeing what you do next."

Team Liquid SlikeR out kicked Twitch partner YouTube streamer(Picture: Sliker)

It appears SlikeR wasn't kicked from Team Liquid. We do know he was streaming less than he used to. 

While we don't know the exact reason for SlikeR being out of Team Liquid, the Twitch and YouTube content creator did announce the following on 23rd April 2021.

It is unclear when SlikeR will return with some of his hilarious and on-topic content on Twitch and YouTube. SlikeR didn't share personal details about the reasons for not streaming right now, which is quite understandable.

We hope SlikeR gets back to streaming some great content whenever he is ready, as the Twitch partner's content was really refreshing.