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Twitch streamer Aceu reveals he makes $100k a month with inspirational tweet

According to the former Apex pro, he didn't reveal his earnings "to flex."
Starting from the bottom and reaching unparalleled success is the path many of today's biggest streamers found themselves in, so when one as renowned as Brandon "Aceu" Winn opens up about his journey, many fans use it as inspiration to forge their path and follow their dreams.

At least this is the sentiment he's hoping to spark by revealing how he went from a struggling pizza delivery man to one of the most successful Twitch streamers in the world.

"I used to make 00/month delivering pizzas and struggling to pay for dinner. now I make 0k/month without leaving my house. not a flex just thought it could help someone that might feel stuck like I used to," Aceu tweeted out on 1st July.

aceu 100k
(Picture: Aceu)

After publicly revealing a monthly estimate of his earnings, the former Apex Legends pro explained that if more content creators were open with their income, it might make viewers give smaller streamers a shot by economically supporting them instead.

So there you have it, next time you feel down and out, remember you might become the next Aceu.