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Twitch streamer Jinnytty gets attacked by deer

Korean Twitch star Jinnytty got herself into a sticky situation in Denmark.
Twitch streamer Jinnytty gets attacked by deer

Twitch star Jinnytty got herself into a bit of trouble earlier this year due to trans comments relating to The Last of Us Part II. Now, she seems to have gotten herself in trouble with deer in Denmark, as Jinnytty got attacked by deer while streaming it all live.

Jinnytty attacked by deer

Jinnytty does a lot of outdoor streaming, alongside gaming and other fun activities. The Korean streamer is currently visiting Denmark, where she got attacked by some deer.

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On her journey through a tourist area where people can pet deer and walk amongst them, Jinnytty was on a quest to find a "legendary deer". 

Then, she spotted a "Shiny" white deer, which is an obvious reference to Pokemon. However, she was met with some resistance from a buck, who started poking her with his antlers.


Frightened by the deer attack, Jinnytty explained: "Oh no! Don't attack!. Oh my god. Don’t do that! Don’t use your horn.”

Jinnytty had no choice but to throw down her bag of goodies so the deer could get in there.

Thankfully, someone came to help her out scared the deer off. However, things could have been worse as those deer antlers and an aggressive buck isn't something to be taken lightly.

You can see the end result of the Jinnytty deer attack in the clip below.