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Twitch streamer Luminosity apologises for toxic behaviour towards ex-girlfriend

With many Twitch personalities being called out for sexual harassment, Destiny 2 streamer Luminosity has admitted the accusations against him are true.
Twitch streamer Luminosity apologises for toxic behaviour towards ex-girlfriend

Women in the gaming industry have stood up against the several instances of sexual misconduct towards them, with prominent Twitch streamers like SayNoToRage getting outed for their predatory behaviour.

Luminosity48, a recurrent Destiny 2 player, was one of the many personalities that have been accused of sexual harassment, with instances where he would abuse his position in the streaming landscape to try and entice women new to the industry to do things like sending nude pictures, sharing those amongst his close group of friends and BSK clan-members, an organisation focused primarily on Bungie’s FPS.


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Luminosity (far-right) hanging out (Credit: @SayNoToRage)


Luminosity owned up to the fact and issued an apology via social media.



On his Twitlonger post, Luminosity expressed how sorry he was, claiming his Twitch fame got to his head, clouding his judgment during a toxic relationship he had in the past.


Luminosity statement destiny 2 twitch streamer sex
(Credit: @Luminosity48)


“To Riley: you were my first girlfriend and I know the words here won’t do justice to all my mistakes and shortcomings and nothing I say will repair the damage I caused. My popularity on Twitch got to my head and I made choices that I am not proud of. And I should have owned up to everything I did and the way I treated you years ago.”

Twitter user Rion made strong accusations towards the streamer, detailing how he guilt-tripped her into sending him nude photos, which he would then share on private conversations, during their long-distance relationship, all the while secretly being with another woman at the same time.



“Just last year I was told during our ‘relationship’ he had a girlfriend irl (in real life) the entire time by one of his close friends. The entire time he was acting like I was his girlfriend, I was an online side chick. Even now thinking about it I feel gross. I was manipulated and bullied and then cast aside and it was miserable. It hurt. Over the years I tried to be civil because he never lost his following and I didn’t want to leave the community, I dumbly believed maybe that he wasn’t like that anymore.”

In the same statement, Rion accused the rest of the BSK clan of manipulating women the same way Luminosity treated her, with unnamed members engaging in the same practice of sharing those private pictures.

“The stories I’ve heard from other girls and from friends make me angry once again. BSK and its members used their popularity and community to slide into girls' direct messages to get nudes. Plain and simple. It was a game for them, and for those same nudes to get leaked is disgusting. The fact multiple people have said you all swapped nudes after getting them from a girl who trusted you, is unforgivable.”

This worrisome situation reached the ears of Bungie, sharing their code of conduct on Twitter (which was last updated as recently as March) promising to "enforce these standards on every platform and channel we control."



According to the code of conduct, which applies to "Destiny accounts, Clans, forums, and private messages," there is zero-tolerance for "personal attacks, harassment, impersonation, or bullying other members of this community."

With the BSK clan acting as a Destiny 2 centric one, it remains to be seen if Bungie will move forward with any action towards the members of the organisation.