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Twitch streamer saved by fast reflexes: Closes Amouranth hot tub stream just in time

A Twitch streamer called SliteKonto saved himself with lightning-fast reactions by closing an Amouranth hot tub stream just as his mom walked into the room.
Twitch streamer saved by fast reflexes: Closes Amouranth hot tub stream just in time

There's been a whole lot of debate about the hot tub meta on Twitch, from what should be done about these streams, to if it is sexualized content, wrong, and much more. Well, if you wouldn't want your mom to see it, it probably isn't great for kids either, right? While watching the queen of the hot tub meta, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, Twitch streamer SliteKonto saved himself from a difficult parental discussion (we assume) with his lightning-fast reflexes. 

Closing Amouranth stream at the speed of light

Recently, SliteKonto was watching Amouranth in her natural habitat, the hot tub. He was discussing Kaitlyn's streams, noting how she gives actual content and doesn't just sit in a hot tub.

SliteKonto explains while circling his mouse cursor over Amouranth: "This is probably the only actual hot tub streamer who gives actual content. Like actual content. Yeh, she's in a hot tub, she has a bikini on, whatever. She actually plays games on stream, I can not deny that."

twitch streamer slitekonto fast reflexes amouranth hot tub stream closes mom (Picture: SliteKonto)

Amouranth was, at the time, drawing in a little game we have no clue about. It looked a lot like paint, as you can see above.

Then, his door made a creaking sound. Without a moment's hesitation, SliteKonto switched to another browser tab and turned off his stream sound, in what has to be under one second, as his mom opened the door and said "hey son". 

The reaction time was so fast that Barry Allen (Flash) would be proud, and probably a little intimidated. Check out SliteKonto's extremely fast save below.

This was impressive, to say the least. However, one has to wonder why a hot tub stream needs to be hidden from your mom...maybe because hot tub streams are actually sexualized content that shouldn't be on Twitch? We will let each reader answer that for themselves.

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