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Twitch streamer gets hit with mid-roll ads while watching PS5 showcase

Smilin was enjoying the brand-new Harry Potter game reveal, Hogwarts Legacy, when an unexpected interruption caused him to flip out.
Twitch's new mid-roll ads have been criticised since they were introduced at the start of the week. Functioning as an experiment that only affects a portion of viewers, these ads can't be controlled by the streamer, potentially coming up at the worst of times.

mid roll ads twitch
(Photo: SmilinDominator)

This is exactly what Twitch streamer SmilinDominator learned first-hand during his watch-a-long of Sony's PS5 showcase, in which they revealed plenty of info, including price, release date, and the brand-new title like Hogwarts Legacy, an RPG set in the Harry Potter universe.

As the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy played, Smilin was taken aback once a sudden ad for Prime Video's Get Duked show interrupted his viewing party


Dominator shared on the clip on his Twitter, garnering over 100k views as of the time of writing. In the tweet, he tagged both the Twitch and Twitch Support accounts, demanding an explanation.

"Are you serious? You just turned memes into reality with this midroll ads stuff. Get rid of it or put it in VODs only!!" he tweeted out.

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