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Tyler1 raging in Fall Guys is the best thing ever

It looks like the old Tyler1 is back, going on a rage fest after playing in Ludwig Ahgren's Twitch Rivals tournament with Twitch icon xQc.
Tyler1 raging in Fall Guys is the best thing ever

T1 Gamings' Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is a popular League of Legends streamer on Twitch and initially gained notoriety for his toxic behaviour in his streamers. Of course, this included raging and purposefully throwing games, which led to permanent bans on at least 22 unique accounts over several years.

Although now reformed, fans can occasionally catch a glimpse of the "old Tyler." More recently, Tyler1 embraced his deep-rooted toxicity and nearly blew his head off in a rage after being eliminated in a Fall GuysTwitch Rivals match with Twitch legend Felix "xQc" Lengyel.

Of course, xQc is historied to be a notable rager himself, after recently upholding the trash-talking traditions of Call of Duty and being labelled Twitch's most profane streamer. With that said, we're unsure whether Tyler's pairing with xQc was a significant proponent in igniting his rage.

Tyler1 raging in Fall Guys with xQc is the best thing ever

Tyler1's rage fest wasn't nearly as toxic as in the past and was hilarious. You'll have to check out the Twitch clip below to see for yourself.

Tyler1 yelling "What are they doing?! These kids f*cking live to play this goddamn game. You have nothing better to do than to practice sh*tty little skips in a children's game" at the top of his voice had me literally in stitches.

There was a point I genuinely thought he was about to have a heart attack as well. 

Tyler1 losing his cool in a children's game is based. (Picture: Twitch / Tyler1)
Tyler1 losing his cool in a children's game is based. (Picture: Twitch / Tyler1)

In case you didn't catch it, the person that won (Surefour) launched himself with a spinning hammer to do the skip when xQc was on track to succeed. You can watch Surefour's perspective below for better context.

Many users on Reddit have criticized the Twitch Rivals event, saying that the giant skill gap shut down the competitive angle, which was arguably the reason why streamers like Tyler1 lost their minds.

One Redditor explained that while they enjoyed watching the games, it is "extremely sh*tty to pit people against relative professionals in a tournament setting," and I agree. However, on the plus side, at least it made for great entertainment value.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Tyler1 & Mediatonic.