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xQc subathon announced to beat Ludwig's record "by a longshot"

Twitch megastar xQc has announced his own subathon with the goal of beating Ludwig's record-breaking Twitch marathon.
xQc subathon announced to beat Ludwig's record "by a longshot"

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, better known as just Ludwig to fans, broke Ninja's record as the most-subscribed Twitch channel in history, topping out at an all-time high of 283,066 subscribers. The streamer, of course, broke this record thanks to his 30-day subathon, with constant streaming where he gained well over 220,000 subscribers, with every new subscription adding another 10-seconds to the clock. Now, the most-watched streamer on Twitch, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, plans to shatter Ludwig's record with his very own subathon.

xQc subathon announced to beat Ludwig

xQc has announced his own subathon, and he seems confident he will break Ludwig's record with ease. Keep in mind Ludwig put a maximum of 100 sub donations limit on his subathon stream, and xQc doesn't plan on doing the same.

In a recent stream, xQc announced his subathon, and speaking about Ludwig's subathon as well as subscriber record, he confidently said: "we’ll beat the record by a longshot."

xqc subathon beat ludwig twitch record(Picture: xQc)

xQc went on to explain how he plans to make the race to a new Twitch subscriber record easier: " To make it an easier race I’m gonna put myself like one second below his threshold so it means more…I’m going to hire a couple of guys, I’m going to pre-pay them, and whenever we’re running low on content and shit like that, they’re going to donate 100 subs and we’re going to release the fake gift cap, get that s#$t going back up."

As the most-watched Twitch streamer, despite losing over 2.6 million followers after the recent Twitch botting purge, xQc definitely has the viewer base power to beat Ludwig's record.


At the time of writing, the exact start date of xQc's subathon has not been revealed. However, he did reveal it would start roughly six weeks after Ludwig's one came to an end.

Ludwig's subathon ended on 13th April 2021, so we can expect xQc's subathon to start sometime close to the end of May.

It will be interesting to see if xQc can beat Ludwig with his own subathon, and exactly how many subscribers xQc will be able to acquire.

We will just have to wait and see if xQc can become the first Twitch streamer to ever have over 300,000 subscribers.