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V Rising Dracula The Immortal King: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Dracula the Immortal King in V Rising to obtain the Soul Shard of Dracula.
V Rising Dracula The Immortal King: How To Beat, Location & Rewards
Stunlock Studios

Ready to take on Dracula in V Rising? You're in the right spot! As a Level 90 Blood Carrier, Dracula the Immortal King reigns as the most formidable boss in the game, surpassing the likes of Adam the Firstborn and Solarus the Immaculate. Put simply, it will require significant effort to beat him.

In this guide, you'll discover Dracula's exact location, the most effective abilities and weapons to wield against him, and the rewards that await you upon his defeat. Trust me, I've spent countless hours honing this strategy, and I'm confident it will lead you to victory against this legendary vampire!

Editor's Note: This boss fight is INCREDIBLY F*CKING difficult. You will NOT defeat Dracula on your first attempt. Don't forget to bring your Blood Rose Potions—you'll need it!

V Rising: Where To Find Dracula The Immortal King

Dracula the Immortal King (Level 90) is located in Dracula's Castle within the Ruins of Mortium in V Rising. To enter, you will require a Blood Key Amulet, which you can get by beating Lord Styx the Night Champion. Once acquired, you can pass freely through the protective barrier.

Be warned: the area lies in the far east of Vardoran and is home to many unfriendly enemy mobs, including Ripperbeast, Cultists, Shadowkin, Night Maiden, Prophets, and Hand of Dracula (all Level 50+). The nearest Vampire Waygate is next to the Frozen Lake Ruins.

V Rising: How To Beat Dracula The Immortal King

Dracula is a formidable level 90 V Blood Carrier. To stand a good chance of beating him, you will require a Gear Score of 90. His basic attacks and abilities are incredibly powerful, dealing huge damage and requiring expert mechanical skill to evade. Dracula will also drain your blood to further weaken you, so remember to bring a few Blood Potions.

Blood Type

Let's begin with the importance of Blood Type choice. We suggest that you use Warrior Blood (preferably with 100%+ Blood Quality) to benefit from the extra damage reduction and parry chance. Dracula is extremely mobile, so dodging his attacks can be very difficult.

By reducing the damage you cannot evade, you enhance your odds of survival. Alternatively, you could use Creature Blood or Rogue Blood to benefit from the movement speed bonus and damage reduction for the same reason (with the latter option also offering a crit chance).

Veil Ability

All Veils now have the ability to heal you for 5% of your attack damage after use. However, Blood Veil is a potent primary option. It heals even more than before—and even more so with certain Spell Jewels (e.g., Cruel Stone), which also buff your damage.

Frost Veil is a notable alternative in this fight, as it heals you on your first attack and applies a shield equal to 100% of your Spell Power for 6 seconds! Similarly to the previous suggestion, you can further improve its effectiveness with a Spell Jewel (e.g., Polar Chill)

Defensive Abilities 

You will need at least one barrier or counter to survive Dracula's onslaught. Ward of the Damned is by far one of the best—if not the best barrier in V Rising. It can block melee and spell projectiles and comes with a 50% chance to spawn a Skeleton Warrior to fight for you. 

With the right Spell Jewels equipped (e.g., Malicious Rock), it can also heal you for every successful hit blocked, while boosting your movement speed. It can also be recast to deal damage outward in a small AoE. We recommend equipping a Tier 4 Spell Jewel for it to be most effective.

Offensive Abilities

To beat Dracula in V Rising, I suggest using a spell that hits hard and fast, like Chaos Volley or Frost Bat. Both allow you to shoot two projectiles in rapid succession, which can be cast while moving (and without slowing you down too much). As your Ultimate, you should use Crimson Beam or Summon Fallen Angel.

Chaos Volley launches two projectiles that deal 110% magic damage and apply Ignite. I used the "Unstable Night" Tier 4 Spell Jewel, which offered bonus damage, range, and projectile speed and provided a chance to spell life leech. Remember to re-roll your Jewels to get close to max rolls to get the most out of them!

Dracula's Moveset (Phase 1)

In the battle against Dracula in V Rising, pay close attention to his movements. After entering the fight, he will descend from his throne, providing a small window of opportunity to deal damage without retaliation. After this brief moment, Dracula will begin to approach you on foot.

Be prepared, as he will attempt to teleport behind you for a backstab. To counter this, maintain your position facing him and begin walking backward. As Dracula teleports, continue walking backward. If executed correctly, you will end up behind Dracula just as he strikes forward, allowing you to strike him.

After he teleports, he will launch two projectiles or sword strikes that also launch projectiles. It is important not to use your Veil at this point. Instead, use your Ward of the Damned to defend against the two follow-up strikes. Dracula's pattern will then involve teleporting behind you.

You can choose to use your Veil to dodge this attack or simply walk backward to avoid it. Be prepared to block the two follow-up hits with your Ward of the Damned. Additionally, Dracula may mix up his pattern by raising his sword to deliver a powerful AoE attack that deals significant damage.

If you survive this sequence long enough, Dracula will start summoning homing bats to attack you. He will temporarily disappear, and then he will attempt an unblockable blood-draining grab. Dodge the bats with your defensive spell and basic movement, and hold your veil for the moment he reappears. Use your Veil to jump away instantly, or you will lose 25% of your HP and some blood and get stunned. 

Dracula's Moveset (Phase 2)

The next phase starts when Dracula's HP drops to 50%. He will transform and the fight will become more challenging. It is essential to execute your strategy flawlessly from this point on, as any mistakes can drastically reduce your chances of success.

Dracula summons Crystal Shards that can inflict damage if you come into contact with their edges. As more of them appear, it becomes increasingly difficult to move around. To maintain mobility and avoid unnecessary damage, prioritize destroying the crystal shards.

As Dracula summons a storm of projectiles, you can use your Ward of the Damned or simply move to avoid them. Continue to use Chaos Volley or Frost Bats to bring down Dracula's health.

When Dracula summons swords to rain down, this is the critical moment to use your Veil. Ensure that your Veil is off cooldown for every sword rain event while simultaneously destroying the Crystal Shards. If you can successfully manage these mechanics, you will be well on your way to defeating Dracula.

V Rising: Dracula The Immortal King Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Dracula the Immortal King in V Rising:

  • Soul Shard of Dracula: Provides +31.9 Spell Power and 20% chance on primary hit to inflict Vampiric Curse. It can only trigger once every 8s. It also replaces your Ultimate Ability with Blood Storm. Soul Shards lose durability over time and can only be repaired by feeding on Primal Blood Souls during Rift Incursions.
  • Pedestal of Dracula: This pedestal may hold a Soul Shard. It requires 4x Dark Silver Ingots and 1x Onyx Tear to craft.
  • Dracula's Chestguard The final armor piece of Dracula's set. Provides +262 Max Health, +5% Physical Critical Strike Chance, and +2% Movement Speed

Dracula the Immortal King's V Blood description reads:

When Dracula fell centuries ago, it seemed like the Church of Luminance had done the impossible. The death of the Immortal King. However, in his final moments, Dracula enacted his final gambit and cast a cloud over Vardoran. The blood rain that followed would plant the seeds of Dracula's will across the realm, twisting it, and filling it with his storied essence. After death, the Immortal King's soul was cast out to where his otherworldly powers originated, the Shadow Realm. There he lingered, biding his time. Now the time has come. Dracula floods the world with his monstrous Legion of Noctum, having them gather the blood necessary for him to become whole once more and return to Vardoran.




And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Dracula the immortal King in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!