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V Rising Solarus The Immaculate: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Trying to defeat Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising? Here's the best guide on how to beat him to unlock the Fallen Angel ability.
V Rising Solarus The Immaculate: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Are you struggling to defeat Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising? Well, we have you covered. In this guide, we will go over exactly how to beat this formidable Blood Carrier, starting with where to find Solarus, the best strategies to employ, and the rewards you will receive after defeating him. With our hours of real gameplay experience, you can trust us to guide you to victory!

Solarus the Immaculate is one of the hardest bosses in V Rising and stands near the pinnacle of power in the vampire-infested lands of Vardoran. It cannot be understated just how challenging this fight is. So, if you truly wish to beat Solarus in V Rising and claim his ability for your own, you must (seriously) prove your mettle. Let's get started.

Updated on 19 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update released on 17 May 2023.

Where To Find Solarus The Immaculate In V Rising


Solarus the Immaculate is located within the Fortress Of Light of the Silverlight Hills region in V Rising. Entering the area from the south, travel north past the Army Output, and continue straight past the Army Camp and Morian's Harpy Nest. You'll soon get to another enemy camp. Turn right here until you reach the Fortress in the region's eastern part.

Solarus the Immaculate will be waiting alone at the center of the Fortress Of Light, so you won't have to contend with guards. First, however, you should activate the Vampire Waygate in the northern part of Silverlight (if you haven't already) or build a base there, as multiple battle attempts are in order.

How To Counter Holy Radiation Damage

Before we begin, you should note that you will start to take Heavy Holy Radiation damage upon entering this area. This damage will slowly drain your health down to 1HP at most. Although not fatal, a single attack from even the weakest enemy will instantly kill you. As a result, to stand a fighting chance, you must first have a Cloak that offers Holy Resistance.

You will also require a Holy Resistance Flask (from killing Mairwyn the Elementalist) or Soul Shard of the Behemoth (from killing Gorecrusher the Behemoth), giving you increased Holy Resistance for 2 hours. All of this is required just to set foot in the Fortress Of Light so that you may challenge Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising. Now that you have reached the Fortress of Light and are ready to fight Solarus the Immaculate, let's go over how to beat him.


V Rising: How To Beat Solarus The Immaculate

Solarus the Immaculate is a Level 80 Blood Carrier, so we recommend initiating this fight only if you have a Gear Score of 80+. Because Solarus outputs so much damage, you will need lots of damage block or healing (preferably both). We used a Reaper build for this fight; however, you could use a combination of weapons, including a Greatsword, Mace, or Dual Pistols, for various battle stages. You should choose a weapon that you prefer, and that matches your playstyle.

Blood Type

Regarding Blood Type, we suggest using Brute Blood of 60%+ Blood Quality, although 100% Blood Quality is preferred. This will enhance your chances of survival, providing life steal on attacks, buffed attack speed, and 20-35% increased health regeneration. Scholar Blood of 80%+ is also useful to benefit from the extra spell power, cooldown reduction, spell life steal, and 20% chance to reset spell cooldowns upon cast.

Veil of Blood complements well with Brute Blood because it allows you to heal 4% of your maximum health on your next primary attack while inflicting Leech debuff for additional life steal. Noteworthy, you probably should not attempt this boss fight alone. While you certainly could champion your way to victory, doing so will be incredibly tough!


Defensive Spells

We suggest using Phantom Aegis and Power Surge (unlock by killing Azariel the Sunbringer) to defend yourself against Solarus' attacks in V Rising. Both can be cast on allies or yourself, shielding you for a percentage of your spell power. Of course, these spells stack well with Scholar Blood and will allow you and your allies to live much longer and suffer less of his more punishing moves.

That being said, you may want to take a few Blood Rose Brews or the more powerful Blood Rose Potions with you (see our guide on healing), as these can be real game-changers in battle. However, to use them effectively, you will need your allies to take the aggression to give you enough time to cast the potion on yourself and heal up. Otherwise, you can distract Solarus in V Rising using Ward of the Damned (unlocked by defeating Kriig the Undead General) to summon a skeleton warrior to take the aggro for you.


Offensive Spells

For offensive spells to use against Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising, we recommend Chaos Volley. This spell will shoot two projectiles, dealing 110% magic damage and inflicting the Ignite debuff to do extra damage over time. Shadow Bolt can be effective, too, thanks to the confined area, making it easy to land and allowing you to deal 180% damage. It also applies the Leech debuff to heal off the attack.

Otherwise, Spectral Wolf can be a real lifesaver and deals good damage but also lowers Solarus' damage output for 5 seconds, giving you much more breathing room during the fight. It can also be cast from range while moving, making it easy to execute (even while running for your life).

Solarus' Moveset

During the opening stage of the battle, Solarus will hit you with multiple melee attacks as he lumbers around the arena. Shortly after, he occasionally launches spinning blades with melee strikes, making his attacks particularly brutal. So keep your distance and damage him with your ranged offensive spells in this early phase. This is also when you can toss out your Reaper to deal some cheap physical damage from afar.

Solarus will then begin to perform charged attacks, launching holy projectiles in various directions. Save your movement ability for these moments to get behind him and hit him for a few strong melee attacks. Afterward, immediately retreat and create distance. After a while, Solarus will launch a massive AOE holy projectile attack. Since this spell is slow-moving, you can dodge the beams relatively easily.


Take advantage of the brief moments when Solarus stops moving to do more damage during this battle phase. For instance, throw out your Reaper or hit him with Chaos Volley. Assuming you have survived this far into the battle, congratulations -- most would have failed and given up! But prepare yourself because now is when the real fight begins. In the next phase, Solarus the Immaculate restores his HP to around 50-65% of his max health.

Yes, that's right -- you get to enjoy the fun of doing all that all over again. But that's not all. Solarus will also summon another Level 80 mini-boss to help him. This ally, called Divine Angel, is effectively another boss. Not only does Divine Angel do insane damage, but he can also heal Solarus in V Rising. So, (fairly obvious tip incoming), kill that son of a b**ch as fast as possible using all your spells, including your Ultimate. Once you defeat the Divine Angel, it will convert to a Fallen Angel and fight by your side, making the rest of the fight easier.


V Rising: Solarus the Immaculate Rewards

Once you have defeated Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising, you will be granted the massively powerful ability: Summon Fallen Angel. This Ultimate Ability lets you summon the Fallen Angel to aid you in the battle for 15 seconds. In addition, this unit will apply the Condemn debuff to enemies struck by it, increasing the damage they receive by 15%. It is an extremely powerful ultimate that can turn the tide of many a battle.

It is important to note that Solarus the Immaculate is no longer a Soul Shard bearer after the Secrets of Gloomrot Update. And that's just about everything to know about how to defeat Solarus in V Rising, including where to find him and the rewards for doing so. Good luck (you'll need it)!

V Rising Solarus The Immaculate: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Solarus in V Rising?

Solarus the Immaculate can be found in the Fortress Of Light, located in the Silverlight Hills region of V Rising.

What are some recommended defensive spells against Solarus in V Rising?

To defend against Solarus, use Phantom Aegis and Power Surge spells to shield yourself or allies, reducing the damage received.

What offensive spells work well against Solarus the Immaculate in V Rising?

Recommended offensive spells are Chaos Volley, Shadow Bolt, and Spectral Wolf. They deal damage, apply debuffs, and provide tactical advantages.

What rewards will I receive for beating Solarus in V Rising?

You will receive the Summon Fallen Angel Ultimate Ability, which summons a mighty warrior to aid you in battle.