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V Rising Beginner's Guide – Top Tips And Tricks For Solo Players

New to V Rising or playing as a solo player? Our Beginner's Guide will guide you with the best essential tips and tricks for solo player to master the game.
V Rising Beginner's Guide – Top Tips And Tricks For Solo Players

Stunlock Studios' V Rising blends gameplay mechanics and features from survival horror, RPGs and MMOs in an exciting yet bloodthirsty experience for players. As soon as you have created your vampiric self, it's time to plunge yourself into the vast yet dynamic world of Vardoran.

This vast environment can be lush and beautiful but brutal and unforgiving, even for starting and veteran players. We've provided some of the best in-game tips and tricks to learn the gameplay basics, which can be used for both solo and PvE/PvP players in V Rising.

V Rising Beginners guide for mastering solo play

Luckily for players starting V Rising, there are a few ways to equip your character, levelling them and getting your castle established early in the game. These V Rising tips and tricks will help you overcome the environments and the threats that lurk nearby and beyond your castle before your skin begins to burn by the sun's harsh rays.

Avoid the sunlight and remain in the shade

v rising beginners guide tips tricks sunlight avoid shade day night time cycle shorter hours
Do your best to avoid sunlight by travelling at night or using shade provided by forest trees. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Immediately, all players should be aware of how detrimental the sun is to their character. The sun will cause your skin to blister, and with enough sun exposure, you'll eventually combust, killing you in the process.

The game's incredibly dynamic time cycle allows the daytime hours to be shorter than the night hours making hunts and certain bosses easier to overcome without worrying about the sun. While none of the vampire forms will save you in this regard if you have no other option but to travel during the day, stick to the shadows.

Block the sun with Mist Braziers

Speaking of daytime travelling, if there is no other option but to embark on hunts in the daylight, using the shadows to move around will prevent you from getting burned. Another option once you have your castle established and possibly without a roof is to utilise Mist Braziers.

v rising beginners guide tips tricks building mist braziers sunlight block sunrays
Building Mist Braziers around the perimeter of your castle will block the sunlight, allowing you to move easier during the daytime. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

These furnishings will create a 3x3 radius around the fixture to block the sunlight when placed around your castle premises. It's important to remember that if you leave the braziers on, it will deplete your resources, so remember to turn them off at night and power them using Bones if the energy is low.

Your starting location is essential for starting out

Where you call home and establish your castle base is equally important as levelling up your character and keeping you out of the sunlight. Where you choose to build your castle is vital as it can provide you access to servants, resources and more.

The Farbane Woods may be the starting area at the beginning of the game; other locations can help you progress further and empower your character quickly. The Silverlight Hills is an excellent farming location due to the availability of mines, the Dunley Farmlands is a more central location, and the Cursed Forest is perfect for players wishing to avoid overpopulated areas.

Get a mount and use it wisely

Like many popular RPGs and MMOs, a mount is one of the best and fastest ways of getting around Vardoran, and it can help you get out of the sunlight. Many farming and hunting locations are relatively far away; having a mount gets you to these locations faster and without doing so on foot. 

v rising beginners guide tips tricks mounts dunley farmlands map locations
Look for a stable at the south-east entrance to the Dunley Farmlands where you can find mounts. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

In the Dunley Farmlands, there is a stable where you can find a few mounts at its south-east entrance. Steal one of the mounts to make it your own but remember to feed it and give it some water.

Build as many crafting stations as possible

Once you have your castle built and a Castle Heart placed on your premises, it's time to focus on the crafting process. At the start, you'll have access to a few crafting stations unlocked through the tutorial stage, but the remaining crafting stations require blueprints and materials.

Materials are easy to farm as you need to stock up on wooden planks and Stone Bricks to reinforce your castle and build crafting stations. The blueprints can be obtained by defeating V Blood carriers bosses across Vardoran, in which having multiple stations built cuts time and make crafting manageable.

We recommend having as many Grinders, coffins and Alchemy stations possible to craft building resources and consumables. Additionally, use your World Map to browse the areas to locate valuable materials like Whetstones, Books, Iron Ore, Bones and Wood beneficial to upgrade your castle, weapons, gear and more.

v rising beginners guide tips tricks crafting stations blueprint castle
The Grinder is one of the essential crafting stations to build which can produce Stone Bricks. (Picture: YouTube / Levonel)

Lock your goods away with Vampire Storage

Something that can help manage your Inventory, especially in PvP, is a unique chest called Vampire Storage. This chest has a similar capacity size as any regular chest in V Rising; the only difference is that it can't be opened or looted by other players and protects your valuable items should your castle get raided.

Make great use of Vampire Forms, Abilities and Ultimates

V Rising's combat system is diverse and accessible once you've started tracking down V Blood carrier bosses. Vampire Forms, Abilities, and Ultimates can be accessed using the Left Control key, where you can browse through the various Vampire Forms, Abilities and Ultimates.

Like various castle furnishings and structures, vampire Forms, Abilities, and Ultimates can be obtained by defeating different V Blood carrier bosses. Vampire Forms can allow you to transform into animals and creature forms, but we suggest getting the Human Form by defeating Beatrice the Tailor.

Get help around the castle

v rising beginners guide tips tricks servants npcs bandit campsn villages convert
Use the Servant Coffin for the final stage of converting human NPCs into your servants. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Another great mechanic to utilise to its maximum is converting human NPCs to do your bidding as servants. If you've built your home near bandit camps and villages, this makes access to NPCs easy.

To convert them, bring their HP as low as possible and not kill them, locate the Dominating Presence ability and press the R key to start converting them. Bring them back to your castle to complete the process by placing them inside a Servant coffin.

Once you've mastered these mechanics, skills and abilities reasonably early in the game, you'll be able to progress rapidly through the mid and endgame stages, fortify your castle, and power your character to become the ultimate overlord in Vardoran.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank) for their complete tutorial on beginner's tips and tricks for solo players in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.