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V Rising Duke of Balaton Boss Guide - How to beat and unlock Toad Form

There are many shape-shifting forms in V Rising. This guide explains how to defeat The Duke of Balaton V Blood carrier and unlock Frog Form.
V Rising Duke of Balaton Boss Guide - How to beat and unlock Toad Form

V Rising has six shape-shifting forms, allowing players to turn into a human or a selection of animals. Some act as an effective camouflage from enemies, but others confer unique abilities, including the ability to fly, breach enemy bases, or move quickly across Vardoran.

This guide will outline how to unlock the coveted Frog or Toad Form Vampire Power in V Rising, acquired after beating the Level 62 V Blood carrier, The Duke of Balaton. However, before you can defeat this V Boss, you'll first need to know where to find him.

V Rising - The Duke of Balaton Location

duke of balaton location v rising swamp of greed cursed forest
The Duke of Balaton is located in the Swamp of Greed, in the northernmost part of the Cursed Forest. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Like all V Blood carriers in V Rising, you can track The Duke of Balaton at the Blood Altar. Doing this will eventually lead you to his location in the Swamp of Greed, at the northernmost part of the Cursed Forest.

His in-game description reads: "The patriarch of a family that once held land when these swamps were adequately inhabited. Over time, the cursed land twisted them, leaving this horrible, twisted toad that only remembers its lust for gold and jewels. It jealously guards its horde of forgotten, worthless currency."

V Rising - How to beat Duke of Balaton and unlock Toad Form

how to defeat duke of balaton v rising boss unlock toad form
The Duke of Balaton is one of the easier V Bosses to kill in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / NexxTV)

Assuming you have a high enough Gear Level, defeating The Duke of Balaton should be easy. During the battle, you'll want to be aware of his leap attacks, which release multiple orbs that deal damage. Prior to his jumps, he will remain stationary for some time, giving you a window of opportunity to land some high-damage attacks.

The Duke of Balaton will also perform an AOE swinging attack with his tongue; you can easily dodge this attack by jumping backward. Later in the battle, The Duke of Balaton will perform a different AOE attack, releasing what looks like sharp glass protruding from the ground, which you should try to evade.

how to beat duke of balaton v rising
Avoid this V Boss's aerial attacks by stepping out of the red circles on the ground. (Picture: YouTube / NexxTV)

Furthermore, the Duke of Balaton unleashes a barrage of spells from the sky. However, you can escape this by simply stepping out of the red circles that appear on the ground. He will also summon smaller frog mobs, which you should eliminate first before resuming your fight with The Duke of Balaton.

Finally, beware that this V Boss can eat players, rendering them unable to move or attack. After a few seconds, The Duke of Balaton will spit them back out, stunning the player and dealing damage where they land. Overall, as long as you keep moving and kite his spells or attacks, you should beat The Duke of Balaton effortlessly.

How to use Toad Form in V Rising

how to equip toad form vampire power v rising
Equip the Toad Form Vampire Power in the Ability Selection window. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Once you have defeated The Duke of Balaton, you will receive the Toad Form Vampire Power. The in-game description reads: "Turn into a toad able to jump high into the air. Taking damage breaks the effect."

Some advantages of Toad Form include jumping over large structures and traversing large sections of the map. In particular, Toad Form has 3 Jump charges with a relatively low cooldown, allowing you to climb certain cliffs or mountains.

how to use toad form v rising
You use Toad Form to jump over certain structures in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / NexxTV)

As a result, you can use Toad Form to breach an enemy's base if the player did not fence off mountain-facing parts of their base. And that concludes our guide on how to beat the Duke of Balaton to unlock Toad Form in V Rising.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.