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How to find petal caps in New World

Struggling to find petal caps in New World? Look no further.

There are a wide variety of resources and materials in New World.

From hemp to iron, there’s seemingly an endless amount of items to find scattered around the regions. However, some aren’t immediately useful and only have one specific objective. 

The petal cap is one such item, as it’s one of the main resources needed to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest. Although, the petal cap isn’t a very popular resource in New World. It’s not featured on any fan-made resource map, making locating the item extremely difficult. 

Luckily, we know exactly where you can find some of the petal caps. This makes the Weakness of the Ego quest a walk in the park.

Weakness of the Ego quest - Finding petal caps in New World

petal caps in New World locations where to find
The northern part of First Light is home to some mushrooms with petal caps. (Picture: New World Resource Map)

The petal cap is harvested from a small green tree called a Fronded Petalcap that’s found all over the regions of New World. The trees are small in size, though, so many players either walk right over them or don’t even register that they’re useful.

So far in the closed beta, there’s one location that’s known to have a solid amount of the petal caps. That would be in the northern part of the First Light region, right next to the Windsward border. There's also a solid amount of them right outside the eastern entrance to Windsward. It might take some time to find them, but the green trees are located all throughout Windsward and the north part of First Light.

petal caps in New World locations where to find
(Picture: Amazon)

The trees themselves look like a light green twisting tree. Once you’ve managed to find a gathering of mushrooms, you can interact with it to harvest some petal caps.

You might need to find a few of the trees groups in order to harvest enough of the necessary petal caps you need to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest.