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Andrew Tate Responds To 'Vilifying' Through 'Final Message'

Andrew Tate cleared the air in a 'Final Message' video after a widespread social media ban and getting 'vilified' online.
Andrew Tate Responds To 'Vilifying' Through 'Final Message'

It's been a hellish week for viral internet sensation Andrew Tate after he was lambasted and removed from nearly every social media platform. On 19th August 2022, Andrew Tate was banned from using Facebook and Instagram by Meta for violating its policies on "dangerous companies and individuals.”

Shortly after, on 22nd August 2022, Andrew Tate was permanently banned on TikTok; in a statement, a spokesperson noted that "misogyny is a hateful ideology" that would not be tolerated, and the platform would remove several accounts associated with the viral star.

In response to the recent widespread ban, Andrew Tate uploaded a seventy-three-minute Vimeo video detailing his side of the story; the video was later shared Jake Paul before quickly gaining steam online. Although the influencer might not return to social media, be reinstated, or move on, Andrew Tate stated it was important for him to clear the air while he had the “public conscience.” 

Andrew Tate’s ‘Final Message’ Speaks His Truth On Controversy

andrew tate responded vimeo banning controversy
Andrew Tate issues "Final Message" in response to "false narratives" purported about him. (Picture: Vimeo / Andrew Tate)

The video addressed various aspects of Andrew Tate’s life, including his multiple controversies, meteoric rising to fame, and the misconception that he “hated women.”

The influencer noted that because there was no space to address these concerns before being banned, he felt it was necessary to make his “final” statement before losing public interest and being completely socially outcasted by the internet.

Andrew Tate opened by reflecting on his life, going from a nobody to someone famous, wealthy, and fortunate. He also spoke about how “standing up for himself” was what he learned growing up.

andrew tate acknowledged taken action false claims
Andrew Tate acknowledged that he should've taken action against "false" representations of his beliefs. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The ex-kickboxer revealed how his confidence and bravery was the result of his childhood, during which time he was often bullied as a minority. However, it was through standing up for himself that he gained a prosperous life and developed an “iron mind,” where nobody's opinion would faze him.

Because Andrew Tate developed “an iron mind,” he explained how he wasn’t “emotionally affected” by online insults. Consequently, he revealed that it was his fault for allowing “certain narratives to gain traction,” which he “shouldn’t have allowed.”

In light of this, the former kickboxer revealed that because he didn’t care too much about other peoples' opinions about him, he inadvertently allowed those “false” narratives to propagate.

Followingly, he addressed many controversial takes about him online, explaining  how people often took his takes out of context. Andrew Tate noted how commentary from “two-hour videos” was clipped into short-form videos that removed the overall image and “tonality” of his original take, branding him as someone who “hated women.”

andrew tate negative impact fame affect other people
Andrew Tate said that the negative impact of his fame started affecting other people in his life. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

Andrew Tate said, “[...] even though I’ve done nothing wrong, even though it doesn’t emotionally affect me. Even though God and myself know of my innocence, the public consciousness has been polluted to a point where narratives are being purported, which are absolutely and utterly false. And it’s actually having a negative impact on the people I care about and the people who care about me.”

Following this statement, Andrew Tate dove deeper into various incidents taken out of hand and narratives that were “purported,” stating he doesn’t like “lies” or “false accusations of criminal activities” being held against him and has never had “a criminal record.” 

Andrew Tate Reveals How He ‘Supports’ Women

Andrew Tate further clarified that he doesn’t hate women; instead, he noted how he supports them, stating “they should be protected.” Subsequently, the influencer emboldened the notion he’s been “nothing but a net positive to the world” as a role model of male empowerment for men who are depressed or aren’t in the best states of mentality.

andrew tate nothing but positive
Andrew Tate states he's been "nothing but net positive" online. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

The influencer acknowledged that because of his meteoric rising to fame, he’s not been the most careful with his words. Instead, he noted how he’s been a “victim of his own success” and that a lot of people love him online, but a “small contingent” of them don’t like him.

In correlation to being a “positive force,” Andrew Tate unveiled the Tate Foundation, an organization of charitable acts focusing on providing for men and women.

Andrew Tate asked his fans to be kinder to one another and those who aren’t “researched” about the controversy. He explained how there’s no room for understanding if people fight hate with hate to make one side understand another and requests his followers “to explain the truth in a respectful manner.”

In closing, Andrew Tate noted how he’d done his best to be a “positive force” on the internet and everyone around him, concluding his Final Message with a quote from his late father. "My unmatched perspicacity coupled with my sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor."

At this time, it’s unclear whether or not Andrew Tate will return to social media, having been banned from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and (more recently) YouTube. Likewise, it's uncertain if the world will ease its supposedly false judgment of him. Despite these possibilities, the influencer has made it clear he’s not giving up, noting it's "just the beginning of stage two."

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Featured image courtesy of Vimeo / Andrew Tate.