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Anonymous fan surprised Valkyrae with $200K donation towards charity fundraiser

Valkyrae launched a fundraiser in support of Jackseptcieye's annual Thankmas charity drive when an anonymous fan generously donated $200,000 during her livestream.
Anonymous fan surprised Valkyrae with $200K donation towards charity fundraiser

Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter is supporting fellow YouTube streamer, Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin’s Thankmas charity drive by starting a fundraiser for the charity drive. All contributions made towards the Thankmas event will support families globally who are unable to secure decent housing.

The 100 Thieves co-owner and YouTube streamer were shocked when an anonymous benefactor surprised her by donating a whopping $200,000 towards the fundraiser. The donation left the streamer to tears as she tried to hold back her emotions.

Valkyrae surprised by $200K charity donation

Valkyrae hosted a charity livestream on 11th December 2021 in support of Jacksepticeye’s Thankmas charity drive. Adding her contribution to the cause, the streamer was left in disbelief when a $200,000 donation appeared on-screen.

The segment of her livestream begins at the 27:00 timestamp.

The large donation caught her off-guard as she couldn’t believe what she saw as she shouted “What!?” before having to double-check the donation. She continued to shout, “What!? No! Where?”

“I’m going to throw up. There is no way. Is that real,” the streamer exclaimed. “It’s anonymous. Anonymous donated $200,000.”

youtube valkyrae valkyrae anonymous fan valkyrae anonymous fan 200K donation
An anonymous person donated $200,000 towards Valkyrae's fundraiser in support of Jacksepticeye's Thankmas charity drive. (Picture: YouTube / Valkyrae)

Furthermore, the anonymous donor left a kind-hearted message with the donation, thanking Valkyrae for her efforts. “Thanks for building homes, which means a lot to me. Also, you need to raise your goal!”

Valkyrae, still shocked at that point, was in disbelief over the large donation as she commented on how “nice” the donation was. “How do you have $200,000 to donate? That’s crazy! What the heck! That’s actually crazy. That’s so nice.”

youtube valkyrae valkyrae anonymous fan 200K donation valkyrae charity fundraiser
Valkyrae had surpassed her donation cap during a charity livestream (Picture: Twitter / Valkyrae)

As the streamer tried to compose herself, she couldn’t hold back the tears as she thanked the anonymous donor for the support. “Thank you. Every $10,000 is one home, so that’s literally 20 homes. Did I math that right? That’s so nice and so generous.”

The generous donation knocked her original donation cap that her viewers urged the streamer to set a new donation cap, for which she did. By the end of the livestream, Valkyrae had raised over $300,000 towards the Thankmas charity drive.

According to the crowdfunding platform, Tiltify, that’s currently hosting the charity drive, $4,000,000 were raised during Jacksepticeye’s Thankmas livestream, with another $1,000,000 matched. They also stated that in total, over $7,000,000 were raised globally since the start of the Thankmas charity drive.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Valkyrae.