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Dream faces backlash after critics slam "insensitive" Veterans Day tweet

Minecraft YouTube content creator Dream was recently slammed after posting an "insensitive" and "distasteful" tweet that critics claimed was disrespectful to all local veterans.
Dream faces backlash after critics slam "insensitive" Veterans Day tweet

Popular, enigmatic YouTube content creator Dream, who is most beloved for his Minecraft videos, was recently lambasted by members of the online community on Veterans Day. According to critics, Dream disrespected local veterans after he posted a "joke" on Twitter, in which he referenced a fictional battle entitled "First Great War" that occurred on his Minecraft server, the Dream SMP. The post was subsequently branded as "insensitive" and "distasteful."

Dream slammed by critics over "insensitive" Veterans Day tweet

On 11th November, Dream tweeted: "Happy Veterans Day to everyone fought in the L'manburg War. Your courage and bravery was (sic) unparalleled. God bless."

In case you missed the reference, L'manburg is a fictional country from the "First Great War" battle from the Dream SMP, which later received its independence following the "war."

Despite the tweet appearing relatively tame, many people were unhappy about Dream "joking about war" and claimed he should still show respect and remember those who fought and died for their country.

One Twitter user said that it wasn't an excellent tweet to make, citing that: "We should be thanking Veterans and not roleplayed ones. I know it's a joke, and I get the joke, but this joke is still distasteful."

Other Twitter users did not take offence and tweeted back with jestful comments and memes. For example, one Twitter user uploaded this hilarious image below, with the caption: "rest in peace to all the soldiers that died in the service. I dive in her cervix."

dream minecraft youtube insensitive veterans day twitter
Dream gets blasted by critics after "insensitive" and "distasteful" Veterans Day tweet. (Picture: Twitter / ClayBlock)

For example, one Twitter user called Tom Gravy said, "Time to stand for the pledge of allegiance" and uploaded a photo of a fictional flag, presumably of L'manburg. Another Twitter user Vallian Lime then proceeded to recite a parody of the American Pledge of Allegiance.

We'll leave it up to you to decide whether you agree or not that Dream's tweet was "insensitive."

Dream has not issued a public statement at the time of writing and presumably won't, as I can imagine that would only add further fuel to the fire.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dream.