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Dream reveals top 5 streamer picks of 2021 amid The Game Awards drama

Popular YouTube star and Minecraft mogul Dream revealed which English streamers should have been nominated for Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards 2021.
Dream reveals top 5 streamer picks of 2021 amid The Game Awards drama

Recently, The Game Awards revealed their top five nominees for the Content Creator of the Year award for 2021. Popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers Fuslie, Gaules, Ibai, Grefg, and enigmatic Minecraft mogul Dream were elected. Followingly, Twitch megastar Ludwig attracted massive backlash from Dream fans after he criticised the listed nominees.

Joking about not being included in the list, Ludwig said: "There are a lot of great streamers who don’t get nominated for awards who I think are always perennially snubbed," before proceeding to say that Sykkuno, xQc, TommyInnit, and Jerma985 should have instead been nominated.

As tensions continued to rise, Dream subsequently responded by putting out a tweet naming his own "top 5 streamer picks of 2021."

What is Dream's Top 5 English Streamer picks of 2021?

In his Twitter post on 19th November, Dream revealed that his top 5 English speaking streamers of 2021 included (in no particular order) iconic streamers Ludwig, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, Valkyrae, Mizkif, and fellow Minecraft content creators Ranboo and Tommy.

Followingly, Dream noted that there are "so many awesome streamers" and that it's "really hard" only to choose a couple, citing that some had high viewer counts or broke records. In contrast, others innovated styles of content or all of the above.

We certainly agree with Dream since there might be many factors to consider when choosing a "top list" of streamers, mainly when each person brings something unique to the streaming community. Nevertheless, fans seem to agree with Dream's "top 5" streamers list.

The Game Awards 2021 nominees for Content Creator of the Year.
The Game Awards 2021 nominees for Content Creator of the Year. (Picture: The Game Awards)

In a different tweet, Dream jokingly said he hopes to win every award he is ever nominated for because he is a "wh*re for awards." A fan subsequently commented, saying, "but you do deserve it," to which Dream replied: "I don't think anyone really 'deserves' any award."

With that said, Dream's stance on the matter seemingly defused tension ahead of the announcement of the Content Creator of the Year for 2021 at The Game Awards next month.

However, fans can vote for who they think should win the Content Creator of the Year awards at The Game Awards website before the winner is revealed on 9th December.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dream & The Game Awards.