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Logan Paul allegedly broke UK COVID-19 rules for Sidemen and KSI collab

YouTube and internet star, Logan Paul, has been accused of breaking the UK's mandatory 10-day COVID-19 quarantine rule, after being spotted out in public just days after his arrival.
Logan Paul allegedly broke UK COVID-19 rules for Sidemen and KSI collab

It’s been a while since Logan Paul and KSI have butt heads, with their previous encounter in the ring ending with a split decision victory. Despite this, it would appear that both YouTube stars have since made amends. This came after Logan teased a collaboration with KSI last month, citing “I got a little something on the horizon. Stay tuned” during a live stream on Instagram.

With Logan Paul’s exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather done and dusted, it would appear that the collaboration may actually be underway. This follows after Logan Paul was spotted in London with the rest of the Maverick Crew earlier this week. Social media sources also hinted toward Logan featuring in an upcoming Sidemen video, which may link the “why” to the “where”.

Did Logan Paul break UK quarantine rules?

Upon entry to the United Kingdom, all citizens from Amber-listed countries (which includes the United States, where Logan is from) are required to quarantine at their place of residence for a period of 10 days, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. The reasoning for this rule is, of course, a necessary precaution to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to various social media sources (shown below), Logan Paul was spotted with his friends out in public, despite only arriving in the UK a few days ago. If this is true, then Logan Paul may have infringed on UK COVID-19 quarantine rules, which could land him in a heap of trouble.

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(Picture: Twitter / Def Noodles)


Logan Paul has yet to make a public statement on the matter, so we’re left to speculate whether it is true, for now. If it is true, then it’s also possible that Logan participated in the test-to-release scheme, which involves paying for a private COVID-19 test to end the quarantine period early.

We’ll be sure to update you as more developments are made available.

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Header image via KSI/Logan Paul.