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MrBeast YouTube Subscriber Wins Private Island In 100M Sub Special

YouTube superstar MrBeast's recent 100 Million Sub Special video saw one lucky subscriber win a giant private island!
MrBeast YouTube Subscriber Wins Private Island In 100M Sub Special

Could you imagine subscribing to a YouTube channel, only to be later flown out to compete for a giant private island? Well, that's exactly what happened to one lucky viewer. On 4th August 2022, YouTube superstar Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson randomly invited one hundred of his subscribers to compete for a private island.

This latest video marked MrBeast reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube, a monumental achievement, to say the least. During the video, contestants battled in various challenges, including the Red Light; Green Light challenge from Squid Game. However, in the end, only one person could win the island. Here's what happened in MrBeast's 100 Million YouTube Subscriber Special video.

MrBeast YouTube Subscriber Wins Private Island In 100M Special

To win the giant private island, contestants had to compete in four distinct challenges. The first challenge saw one hundred MrBeast subscribers attempt to ignite a flame using rocks. Unfortunately, this primitive fire-starting method proved tedious for many contestants, and only 50 were allowed to advance to the next challenge.

mrbeast 100m subscriber special video private island video
Contestants struggled to ignite their torches. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

The second challenge was a happy surprise to many contestants: Red Light; Green Light. In this challenge, borrowed from the popular Netflix series Squid Game, contestants had to cross the finish line. However, they were only allowed to move when MrBeast yelled "green light." They were eliminated if they moved after "red light" was called.

This iteration of the challenge (which took place on a boat) was not time-conscious; instead, only twenty contestants would advance closer to winning the private island. One subscriber shocked the crowd by darting across to the finish line despite everyone else remaining still; the contestant realized MrBeast said "green light" while explaining the challenge and won the challenge by technicality.

mrbeast squid game challenge on a boat to win private island
50 Contestants had to play a mini version of the Squid Game challenges on a boat. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

Before contestants could proceed to the next challenge, MrBeast tasked his earliest subscriber to eliminate half the remaining contestants. Afterward, the remaining ten contestants had to (literally) walk the plank. This challenge was based on pure luck; contestants were eliminated if the rope around their plank dropped them into the ocean.

In the end, only five contestants remained. Before proceeding with the final challenge, MrBeast offered each contestant a chance to withdraw from the challenge, trading a $50,000 check for an opportunity to win a private island. However, nobody accepted, resulting in all five remaining challengers competing to win the island.

mrbeast 100m subscriber special to win a private island walk the plank
Contestants had to put their trust in luck as they walked the plank of a ship. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

Accordingly, the last challenge saw the contestants hunt for a hidden briefcase containing MrBeasts 100 Million Subscriber Red Diamond Play Button and the deed to the island. Despite MrBeast hiding the briefcase under the contestants' noses, finding the briefcase proved difficult for many.

After many hours, with many contestants within inches of finding the hidden briefcase several times, one contestant finally found it. "I feel like this doesn't even feel real. This is the craziest video you've ever done, and the fact that I won doesn't even feel real," the winner said.

mrbeast 100 million subscriber red diamond play button
Many contestants walked right passed the hidden briefcase containing the Play Button. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

After opening the briefcase, MrBeast unveiled his Red Diamond Play Button for the first time before thanking his 100 million subscribers for their unwavering support throughout the years. "This is almost a decade of my life represented in one item [...] from the bottom of my heart; thank you to everyone who has subscribed. This channel means the world to me, and I genuinely appreciate anyone who has watched the videos," MrBeast said.

You can watch the full video of MrBeast giving away the private island below.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast.