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PewDiePie gave his 100M subscriber diamond YouTube play button away to a fan

The king of YouTube Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg revealed that he gave away his 100 million subscriber diamond play button award to a fan as a wedding gift.
PewDiePie gave his 100M subscriber diamond YouTube play button away to a fan

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg is widely regarded as the king of YouTube, boasting an audience of over 110 million subscribers. Over the years, Pewds has received several prestigious awards from YouTube to celebrate his accolades, most notable of which included the Diamond Play Button -- which he recently gave away.

PewDiePie gives YouTube diamond Play Button away to fan lizard lava
PewDiePie's YouTube Diamond Play Button. (Picture: Twitter / YouTube)

PewDiePie received this award after becoming the first content creators to surpass the 100 subscriber milestone on YouTube, arguably something most content creators could only dream of achieving. With that said, why would PewDiePie decide to give his Diamond Play Button away?

PewDiePie gave his 100M subscriber YouTube play button to a fan

In a recent video, PewDiePie opened up about how he gave his Diamond Play Button away to a fan, Lizard Lava, as a wedding gift. "It is true, I did send it to LizardLava, and I know this will not make any sense at all for a lot of people," PewDiePie said.

Continuing to explain why he gave it away, PewDiePie said: "It's kind of like nerfing yourself, right? There's so much importance into this one item that, to me, is just a piece of metal."

"I don't like putting value into objects. I like putting it into action," PewDiePie said. The YouTube star further indicated that he didn't want to seem ungrateful about receiving the award but said that it didn't seem essential to keep.

pewdiepie gives diamond play button youtube away to fan
PewDiePie says he doesn't like putting value into objects. (Picture: YouTube / PewDiePie)

Pewds further explained that he also didn't want to give the award away to anyone because he had previously given away awards that ended up in strange places (presumably eBay). Therefore, he said he wanted to give it away to someone he knew would take care of it.

"So that's why I thought it made sense to give it to Lizard Lava; to someone who would appreciate it at least," PewDiePie noted.

You can watch Lizard Lava's response to receiving PewDiePie's 100 million subscriber award in the embedded video below.

What would you do if you were lucky enough to receive one of Pewd's YouTube subscriber awards? Let us know by tweeting us your ideas on Twitter!


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / PewDiePie.